Bias List

Our bias list: subjective to change, our gallery of hot men lol
Admin L, Admin S and Admin K


Kim Jaejoong - JYJ

Eli - U-Kiss

Lee Kiseop - U-Kiss

Lee Kikwang - B2ST

Lee Sungyeol - Infinite

L - Infinite

Nam Woohyun - Infinite

Song Seunghyun - FT Island

Jung Yonghwa - CNBLUE

Lee Jungshin - CNBLUE

Kim Jonghyun - SHINee

Cho Kyuhyun - Super Junior

Lee Donghae - Super Junior

L.Joe - Teen Top

Park Jungmin - SS501

Nichkhun Horvejkul - 2PM

Lee Junho - 2PM


Jang Hyunseung - Beast

Lee Joon - MBLAQ

Tablo - Epik High

Admin S' ultimate 100% bias forever and ever.
She doesn't care if he's married, has a kid and is over 30.
Tablo ahjusshi is forever her love and inspiration and is her number 1 most respected in all of the music industry.

Zelo - B.A.P

Kris  - EXO-M

(or Wu Fan or Kevin Li or Yi Fan or Li Jiaheng or Kris Wu or idek. This kid has so many names)

Kai - EXO-K

Both EXO-K and M

Seo Eun Kwang - BtoB

Jay Park

G-Dragon - Big Bang

CL - 2NE1

Park Bom - 2NE1

Lee Jung Shin - CNBlue

Lee Sung Yeol - Infinite

Zico - Block B

Lee Hong Ki - FT Island

Admin S shipping OTP
(Admin S here:
Omg. Admin L's list looks so much more attractive than mine ;_____;
I can't choose ok? I love everyone in general.
And these pictures were just too cute and funny not to put up. keheh).


FT Island- Song Seunghyun

Royal Pirates- Kim Moonchul

Infinite- Kim Myungsoo

U-Kiss- Shin Soohyun

Big Bang- G-Dragon

Beast- Jang Hyunseung

One Way- Youngsky

 Block B- Ahn Jaehyo

LEDApple- Jang Hanbyul

Teen Top- L.Joe

EXO-M- Kris


 Epik High- Tablo

 Nell- Kim Jongwan
(Among others...)