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Confessions on 5dolls Soomi's Departure

I found this article and realised that the K-Pop industry is not as brilliant as it seems. It's sad that behind the performances and fans and concerts, such terrible things can happen. And it is a tragedy; Soomi was my favourite member. She could sing and dance and she was really beautiful. Eunkyo and Chanmi are expected to be replaced, thus the group has not performed since May 2011.

This was also expected to be 5dolls:

Just to put things into perspective, this is Eunkyo:

And this is Soomi:

Core Contents Media said that Soomi left Coed School and 5dolls because she wanted to pursue a solo career. Soomi did not leave because she wanted to pursue a solo career.

Eunkyo and Chanmi bullied and forced Soomi out of the group. Some of you might have realized by now that Soomi can have an attitude problem or get upset easily, and Soomi and Chanmi had problems before Eunkyo joined Coed School.

Before Eunkyo joined, you might remember how Soomi's fancafe gave Soomi and Coed School a congratulatory cake for their successful debut. On that cake, Soomi's face was broken. Soomi wrote in the fancafe after receiving the cake and thanked everyone, but she also wrote that "someone broke the cake on my face and I'm going to find who did that." (I'll add a screencap of the post when I get it again.. accidentally got deleted) Soomi found out who did it and maybe you can guess who did it too after reading this post!

You might also remember how Soomi was closest to Hyewon, Jungwoo and Kangho/Yongsoo since the beginning of Coed School. After the summer of last year, Soomi was not close to any of them anymore because of one person: Eunkyo. According to Soomi's fancafe owner, who is personally close with Soomi, Eunkyo purposely befriended who Soomi was closest with to turn them against her and it worked. Soomi never was with them anymore and slowly began separating herself from the members because she was bullied day in and day out by Eunkyo and Chanmi.

You might know also that Soomi is a super friendly person and is friends with almost everyone in the CCM family (SeeYa, T-ara, Davichi, Black Pearl, Supernova and some Gangkiz members). Why is it that Soomi is so close with the members from other group and was so close to members from Coed School... but not anymore? Soomi had more respect in CCM since she was there longer and was more known. Because of this, Eunkyo was not able to turn her seniors like Davichi and T-ara against Soomi. Eunkyo would though, speak badly about Soomi to people like Gangkiz's Somin and Hyeji (which was done where everyone could see: Facebook).

Eunkyo proved that she cared more about ruining 5dolls and getting rid of Soomi than her own fans. When it was announced that Soomi left 5dolls, what was the first thing Eunkyo tweeted? "Mission success." Eunkyo tweeted it twice that day. Her "mission" was to get rid of Soomi? You might deny and think "maybe it wasn't about Soomi leaving 5dolls?"

When Soomi's fancafe owner and K-fans started to piece everything together last week, some of them began RT-ing and replying to those two tweets Eunkyo made in February. If these tweets were about something besides Soomi leaving 5dolls, it would be no big deal and easy for Eunkyo to just explain her tweets to fans.. but she didn't. Eunkyo deleted those two tweets and about five more from February that there are no screencaps of.

Now that Soomi left 5dolls, maybe Eunkyo and Chanmi are happy. Now that 5dolls fans began to give up on them after Soomi left, maybe they're happy! Now that they used their own group members and every member of Coed School unfollowed Soomi on Twitter except Kwanghaeng, maybe Eunkyo and Chanmi are finally happy!

Source: CoreClique

Whatever happens, I hope Soomi will be happier even if she is to pursue a solo career. I miss Co-ed School so much.

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  1. From what it sound like it was mostly Eunkyo who did all that. Chanmi Did have a problem with her yes buthe I don't thinks she is a fault for Soomi leaving