Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Monday, 14 May 2012

Confessions on my K-Pop Life Episode 25

Saying "Wow, Fantastic Baby" to everyone and everything...

Nowadays it's literally my word for 'cool' or 'awesome'.
Thanks Big Bang, you have honestly changed my life <3

~From one to ten, everything is one too many levels too high for me~
keke.. HAN SU WI!

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Supernova "Stupid Love" Concept Photos

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Confessions on U-Kiss' Doradora

U-KISSSSS... KISEOP... *melts*

01. 도라도다 (DORADORA)
02. 4U (For You)
03. 사랑이 멉출 때
04. Amazing
05. Tick Tock (Out of Time) (Korean version)
06. 도라도다 (DORADORA) (intrumental) 
Everyone is so damn seeeexy!! Holy shit AJ! Eli! Hoon!
I've seen this MV like 100 times and like seriously, Kiseop, just marry me!
Okay before I faint from hyperness, I'm gonna just say that Doradora is one of those songs that take a while to start liking. Truthfully, I wasn't instantly mesmerised unlike Neverland but oh god I liked their sex appeal and choreography.
Mr. Choreographer, let me give you flowers. No, an island. This is like, watching porn.
Okay putting all jokes aside, this is a really cool mini album. My favourite of all time from U-Kiss is Bran New Kiss, but there are a few songs that I like from this one. One thing that makes me weep is the Korean version of Tick Tack which is conveniently titled Out of Time. It's really, quite.. awful. All the English in is muddled up and sounds like shit. But 4U and Amazing are really nice to hear :)
I was just looking at Kiseop's back for the whole 3 minutes. It's totally worth it, I mean, just take the damn shirt off! Oh and hello there, thrusting  ^.^"
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Confessions on BAP's Power

[Album] B.A.P - POWER (The Second Album)


Track List:
04. 전부 거짓말

I confess I am secretly a BAP fan. And a Zelo fan. They are just so cooooool and freakishly good looking without the aegyo poing poing~

Power is like a step up from Warrior. No their concept didn't change but it's still fantastic with all it's glory. Not to mention the spaceship in the background! If you watch the behind the scenes making, you'll know that it's real and heavy and awesome.

What are these boys doing..? LOL

I can't say that I like Zelo's pink L.Joe-ish hair but OH MAH GOD. HIMCHAN WHAT THE FFFFF-- YOUR HAIR?!!


When I first saw this MV i almost passed out. I especially love the 'warning warning' bit. The whole album is very good, kudos for What the hell. But now they are 'space warriors'... what's the next concept? They seem to be growing into the next 2PM, right?

How to film a music video BAP style

  1. Dress up in spunky clothes, preferably ripped or studded
  2. Leather. Zelo’s gazillion neck braces
  3. Always stare at the camera with fiery anger
  4. Try to attack the camera
  5. Make sure choreo has big arm movements and flailing
  6. Sing as though you’re screaming
  7. Bunny
  8. Random scenes with the wind machine on max
  9. Insert unnecessary slowmo shots just because
  10. Fingergun

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Just Seoul - Hello KPOP Special Edition (ENG translated)

Hello everyone!

Just finished reading this and it's pretty cool; it's like reading one of those Korean celeb magazines, only that it's translated into English which makes life less complicated. It's got stuff on Idol look-alikes, fandoms and fan colours, interviews, award fashion and heaps more. It's simply everything K-Pop and Korean culture that's compressed and easy to read and learn!

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Block B "Welcome to the BLOCK [Repackaged]" Concept Photos

Kpop Photo : Block B Concept Photos for Welcome to Block B

Kpop Photo : Block B Concept Photos for Welcome to Block B

Kpop Photo : Block B Concept Photos for Welcome to Block B

Kpop Photo : Block B Concept Photos for Welcome to Block B

Confession on my K-Pop Life Episode 24

Infinite - you complete me.


Infinite Comeback May 15th, 2012&#160;!!!

Ovaries are READY.

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Confessions on My K-Pop Life Episode 23

More (male) K-Pop should take Shinhwa's example :D

The other day, I discovered something FACINATING. I am confessing that I am a newly turned SHINHWA CHANGJOOOO! and I'm loving it. They experience more bromance than any 2Min, Eunhae, Hanchul, Yunjae, or any bloody couple out there!

I bet your favourite idols don't have a... wait for it.. NUDE. PHOTO. BOOK.

More naked Shinhwa. Our favourite groups need to follow their example.

I hunted forever for this picture. God, I love the internet.

Hunted everywhere for these pics. God, I love the internet.
There is this FANTASTIC photo of Dongwan. Nude. With a branch covering his uhh, thing. and another of Junjin with a great view of his butt. Nude. Unfortunately, I can't find them TT.TT

Discovered this through their guest appearance on Win Win which you can watch here.

I am like, half their age. Yet I love them soooooooo much since their 10th album came out. SO proud of them for winning last week! It feels really strange, considering that they debuted not long after I was born..

Biases are Hyesung and Junjin. Is Hyesung just paired with anyone and everyone??


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