Monday, 23 January 2012

Confessions on Vanness Wu's (吳建豪) C'est La V Album


  1. Intro
  2. 說愛就愛 (Love Faith Live)
  3. Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
  4. Do it feat. 仔仔
  5. 命定 (Destined)
  6. 有你在 (When You’re Near)
  7. 只要她快樂 (Happiness)
  8. 愛的手榴彈 (Love Grenade)
  9. 愛沒走 (Don’t Leave)
  10. 哎呀 (Aiya)
  11. 透明愛 (In The Limelight)
  12. Knockin’ (English)
I know this is a bit old, but I have suddenly felt inclined to review more Japanese and Chinese music, purely because my holidays are ending and I'd like to share as much Asian music as I can, and this is one of my favourite albums.

I don't often review Chinese music, but this album is just spectacular. Vanness has collaborated with many reknowned artists like Bruno Mars and Ryan Tedder who feature in this album. I love pretty much every song and NONE of them is that "filler" crap that just takes up space in an album. It starts off energetically with his dance tracks and title songs and then graduates into a soft, ballad feel towards the middle. The album ends with songs that are well balanced, showing the range of his vocals with a touch of techno and fast beats. It's like illegal to fall in love because he is a '78-er, but his music is incredible with an even amount of autotune, doof doof and instrumentals.

Title track: 說愛就愛 (Love Faith Live)

Is This All ft Ryan Tedder of One Republic

My favourite songs on the album are Love Faith Live, Love Grenade and Knockin'. However this intro is one of the best that I've heard, perfect for Vanness' 5th album.

~Party people
Listen up
Hey! Do you know what time it is?
Everybody put your hands up in the air like that~

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  1. way too much autotune in this album, his older albums are way better. You can only hear his real voice in tracks like nr3,9,10. Anyone could have sung the other autotuned tracks