Friday, 10 February 2012

Confessions on Hangeng's Geng Xin Album

Happy Birthday Hangeng!


  1. 飞蛾扑火 / 飛蛾撲火 (Fire/Fatal Attraction)
  2. Say No
  3. 撑伞 / 撐傘 (Holding Umbrella)
  4. 给陌生人的情书 / 給陌生人的情書 (Love Letter to a Stranger)
  5. 女皇 (Queen/Empress)
  6. 因为梦 / 因爲夢 (Because of Dream)
  7. 简单的人 / 簡單的人(Simple Man)
  8. 心疼笔记本 / 心疼筆記本 (Heartache Notebook)
  9. 爱的翅膀 / 愛的翅膀 (Wings of Love)
  10. My Logo
Although I am just slightly late for his birthday, I had hoped to do a confession on Hangeng and his most recent full-lengthed album. Geng Xin does not feature songs that showcase powerful vocals, but it is really divided into ballads and dance tracks. The most popular song, My Logo, is undoubtedly the most addictive song. But it is all in a way, very mono-tone which I dislike in my criteria for good music. Fire and My Logo is almost the same; in fact, they sound TOO similar to each other...

BTW I love Mando-pop MVs. It's like a rip-off version of K-pop MVs with a lower budget BUT they are just freakin' awesome. Especially when it's with Hangeng, that man is too sexy for his own good..



Holding an Umbrella:

Heartache Notebook:

My Logo:

I really miss the days when Super Junior were all together...

Just finished watching Super Show 2 and I swear I twitched at every Hanchul moment. Trust me, there's a LOT of moments! But it also made me realise how horrible he looked when he was blonde.

e.g. this hair:

So now I leave you with concept photos from Hangeng's first album, Geng Xin.
This album is also one of my favourites when it comes to concept pics. I mean LOOK at them! You are staring at awesomeness...

Listening to: Wonder Girls - G.N.O.

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