Saturday, 25 February 2012


If you are a regular K-Popper, I think you would be aware of the issues that Block B are facing at this moment. It really breaks my heart when I scroll down forums and there are netizens encouraging Block B members to commit suicide. Where is the humanity in this? Is it really human nature to call upon people to KILL themselves just because of one small misunderstanding?

To make the long story short, Block B went to promote their new title track Nanrina in Thailand and during their interview, they showed great degrees of disrespect and rudeness. Yes it was childish, but in the past few days they have all written up apologies and sent a video translated in English, Korean and Thai to seek forgiveness from people in Thailand and around the world.

I was never a big fan of Block B, but after this incident I will support them from here on out. They truly don't deserve this type of cruel treatment from the world. Leader Zico has shaven his head in remorse and Maknae P.O is now hospitalized due to shock of this Suicide Petition signed by thousands of antis.

They were not the most ideal ambassadors for Korea which is understandable, but this is just one mistake that should not have these consequences. It is human to make mistakes and they are still young and have much to learn in the industry. They shouldn't be cut from what they do for a living, and in the very last case, repeat another JaeBeom incident.

I really destest those who say that these boys should just give up or kill themselves already, it is just disgusting for anyone to ask that out of anybody.

On another note, yes I have gotten a bit lazy on writing confessions, but I promise to continue after Big Bang and U-Kiss release their new album. In the meantime, I will continue to share concept photos so I apologise if they seem a bit out-dated... Homigod, can't refrain, Big Bang is back!

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