Thursday, 23 February 2012

Confessions on B1A4's Sesame Player Season 3

First it was MBLAQ:

Then it was Infinite:


Now it's the boys of B1A4 to show us what they've got!

B1A4 Sesame Player Episode 1:

B1A4 Sesame Player Episode 2:

I truly loved every season of Sesame Player out there; the best being MBLAQ because they never fail to entertain. I was eating dinner while watching season 1 and I seriously choked on my food and spat at my screen. It's just the funniest thing ever! Especially the first episode, it is pure gold.

Season 3 just started 2 weeks ago, but after the first episode, I became an instant BANA. I just want to marry Sandeul and all his aegyo bahaha!

The first episode shows the kidnapping of B1A4 which then leads onto them competing against each other to find their new home in the mountains. I am also slowly falling for Shin Woo! This episode also features a bath scene and reveals the secrets and bad habits of several members.

The second episode features the members in their pajamas and participating in karaoke. They then head off to Japan for their promotions and play tricks on Sandeul.

I love B1A4 more than I can ever love Boyfriend. They are just the cutest kids in the world! Please support them; they definitely deserve more recognition!

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