Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My K-Pop Song/Poem/Letter - Guess the Songs


Hahaha this might sound a bit cheesy, but I got bored in class a few days ago and decided to write my own K-Pop song/poem/letter with as many song titles as possible!

So how many song titles can you find?

Noona, you are so pretty, I like you the best.
Day by day, Your luv is like oxygen. Remember, I am your man. I know I did wrong, so I'll back off so you can live better. Someday, I'll take you away. You are my obsession, my beautiful target. Without you, I cry. I hope on one better day, I can make you smile. I'll be back on rainy days to be with U. There is no other love like this. I can't let you go even if I die.

You are number one, girl. Sorry sorry but I love you. You are a heartbreaker with your lies; a monster like the lucifer. My heart beats for you, it can't stop, won't stop. Around and around, again and again. I am not a lucky guy, but I am not alone. I can stay or I can change, but I can never let you go. Sorry I'm not Mr Simple, nor am I perfection or your superman. Please be mine. I'm calling you everyday. You are my virus, my beautiful hangover. I know I'll be in danger, but I don't care. In fiction and fact, black and white, up and down, little by little I will try to be the one. Baby don't cry, don't look so lonely. Everything will be OK. My shinee world would be lightless without your smile. You make my love, my kiss, my heart go ring ding dong.

Be my baby and marry me. I'll never be tired of waiting. Tik tok, tick tack I'm going crazy because of you. Why are you being like this? Before you go, just hug me once. You're a good girl, bad girl... just tell me your wish. Don't say goodbye, we always have tomorrow. Look only at me; you're in my head like a sweet dream. I want to be in heaven with you, let's fly to neverland. I can't breath; I don't want to be in love alone. I can't live without you. This might be our last farewell, but promise me you will do what is right. I can't get you off my mind. Good bye, good bye, my love.

How many songs did you find?

I hope you liked it; it was actually really good fun. I think it got worse towards the end; you can tell I was getting desperate haha

listening to: CN Blue - Where You Are

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