Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Confessions on Kim Sunggyu's "I NEED YOU" MV

OMG... I was not expecting this GLORY. Definitely a VERY pleasant surprise.
I LOVE IT~ It's so aesthetically beautiful and matches the delicate feel of the song. EUGHHHHH....

Did anyone else recognise the stairs at 1:54?

EXO Kris [Teaser]

Big Bang- Beautiful Hangover

Sunggyu- I Need You
Hehe. :)

The smoke near the end was also perfect. Hnnnnnggggg.... *more inhuman sounds exit my mouth* Not to mention the final few seconds where he looks back over his shoulder towards the camera and then walks off... ajf;dsursakfr;suars

I really like this side of Sunggyu. It suits him really well. :)

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Confessions On The MelOn Music Awards 2012

Following MAMA, another awards ceremony has just taken place, namely, the MelOn Music Awards.
Firstly, I'm just gonna go ahead and say how much I liked MelOn compared to MAMA.
Even though it's not as big a deal, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

Now, I must admit, I missed almost half of the red carpet but I gathered enough from what I saw.
Which, admittedly wasn't a lot... since I couldn't understand what the MC's were saying anyway.

I was pretty startled during the awkward complete silence every time the idols were being photographed though...

The line up of the red carpet was:

Dynamic Duo
Julien Kang
Simon D
Huh Gak
Kim So Hyun
Seo In Guk
A-Pink's Eunji
Kim Yoo Jung

Red carpet footage can be found here.

The MCs of the night were INFINITE'S Woohyun, B2ST's Gikwang, Moon Hee Jun and Danny Ahn. 
First off, I think they did a spectacular job running the whole event (even though I don't understand most of what they said)...

The line up for the performances were:

Simon D, Rhythm Power & Dynamic Duo

K.Will feat. INFINITE's Dongwoo and Hoya






Ailee and Huh Gak



WOW. Ok, first of all, AMAZING. SO GOOD. Seriously enjoyed it, much much better than MAMA.
INFINITE, SISTAR and B2ST left my jaw hanging. My three favourite performances of the night.

Honestly, I thought all the stages were amazing and well thought out and interesting.
Except... T-Ara's... I'm not sure what their concept was or if the song choice was bad? But I was really bored and uninterested in their performance and actually swapped tabs to Tumblr to see what was going on there. Actually, the other idols looked pretty bored too.
I loved SISTAR's little video skit at the start. Creative, relevant and oh, so sexy! (unfortunately the skit is not shown the the video above).
And 2NE1!!! Omfg. I actually like near cried during their red carpet. I haven't seen them in sooooo long and damnnn Bom. So hot, you make me tear ;___;
Ailee and Huh Gak's collaboration was beautiful as well.

The list of award winners of the MelOn Awards 2012 are:

Artist of The Year - B2ST
Album of The Year - Busker Busker
Song Of The Year - PSY (Gangnam Style)
2012 Top 10 Artists - B2ST
                               Huh Gak
                               Big Bang
                               Busker Busker

Best New Artist - B.A.P
Global Star Award - PSY
2012 Netizen Popularity Award - B2ST
2012 Hot Trend - Troublemaker
Best OST - A-Pink's Eun Ji & Seo In Guk
Best Rock - Nell
Best Rap/Hip Hop - Dynamic Duo
Best R&B/Ballad - K.Will
2012 MBC Music Star Award - Super Junior's Shindong & Kim Shin Young of "Show Champion"
2012 Songwriter Award - Duble Sidekick

Can I just mentioned that I noticed that there was not one JYP nor SM artist (besides Shindong) present at MelOn?

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Confessions on Sunny Hill's "GOODBYE TO ROMANCE"

It's been a while since Sunny Hill has come back with a song. After Pray, Sunny Hill has definitely established the image of being a group that makes a social commentary with their edgy songs. As a result, of course I was surprised when they came out with Goodbye to Romance which is definitely not as powerful and impacting as their previous songs (after the addition of members). 

Despite some criticisms, I think this return to their previous style prior to that long hiatus is refreshing. To be honest, I actually miss this part of Sunny Hill. I didn't know about them until their long awaited return with Midnight Sun but exploring their past a bit, I actually really liked the sweet/cute feel of the old Sunny Hill. With the sort of "a couple and a female third wheel" feel to it. LOL. Especially from Dial Back Tone. I miss Janghyun's lines....

Goodbye to Romance is reminiscent of this sweet side of Sunny Hill which I was hoping to see again. The song is simple and very appropriate for the Winter/Christmas period. Personally, I'm a sucker for MVs with cute kids... Also the one-shot style of the MV is also nicely and smoothly done. Definitely an impressive point to note.

Though the lyrics aren't particularly showing much of a social commentary, they are still quite thoughtful. From the teaser and the translations (http://popgasa.com/2012/12/14/sunny-hill-goodbye-to-romance/) it seems like the song is about childhood romance and reminiscing about lost love. That's my interpretation anyway. Loen has provided English subtitles if you want to watch the teaser.

Overall not my favorite Sunny Hill song but definitely something to check out along with the rest of this mini-album. :)

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Confessions On Lunafly's "DAY BY DAY"

Lunafly has officially released their English version of "CLEAR DAY, CLOUDY DAY".
Do check it out and support these amazing boys!

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Confessions On Lunafly's Second Single "CLEAR DAY, CLOUDY DAY"

[Single] Lunafly - Clear Day, Cloudy Day
Track List:

01. 맑은 날 흐린 날
02. 보고 있거나 보고 싶거나
03. 맑은 날 흐린 날 (inst.)
04. 보고 있거나 보고 싶거나 (inst.)

Our three precious boys of Lunafly are back with another single album.

Clear Day, Cloudy Day talks about life's hardships and unpredictable weather. It asks about support and sends a message of hope to those facing difficulties. 

The rainy night is not too bad
How's the weather for you?
For some reason, it seems like it'll be a clear morning tomorrow

The song is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.
The lyrics are written beautifully and I can definitely relate to them very well right now.

As always, Lunafly's range and vocals astound me. Their falsetto is smooth and easy on the ears and the gentle guitar and soft percussion beats make my heart flutter.
Even though I was really obsessed with Superhero/How Nice It Would Be for a good while, I think I can safely say that this is my favourite song from them so far.

I'd like to see Lunafly promoted and marketed better to be more internationally known. Although I have heard that they've been marketed to target an international market, I'd like to see these guy's fame skyrocket as I believe that they are truly talented.
It seems that Lunafly has garnered some attention over in Japan (refer to MV) and they've been set for the opening act for Sydney's KPOP Heart concert next year.
It would be a dream if I could see them and Block B there next year, but I live one state too far (hah. hah. I hate you, school).

Admin S: I love this one.
My heart is crying
It's so good

Admin L: Darling, your heart cries a lot
I don't know if it's healthy

Totally proof of my love for this song.

Admin S~

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Confessions on MAMA Awards 2012

Admin K

All the fuss led up to this. Almost 7 hours (according to the live stream when I started watching) of flashing lights, cheers and disappointment. To be honest, I don't think it deserves as much as people make it to be. It definitely didn't leave me completely emotionally invested like some people. The most predominant controversy being the BAP vs EXO-K drama that spanned the last few weeks of voting. In the end, neither of them won that rookie award; leaving both arguing parties disappointed and the bystanders like me, shaking their heads in shame.
This is just one of the many things I plan to rip apart in my section of this article. Probably why this will start with me and end on a happy note.
Firstly the winners list.

Best New Female Artist
Best New Male Artist
Busker Busker
Best Female Artist
Best Male Artist
Best Female Group
Best Male Group
Big Bang
Best Collaboration Performance
 Hyuna and Hyunseung - Trouble Maker
Best OST
Seo In Guk & Jung Eun Ji - All for You (Reply 1997)
Best Music Video
PSY - Gangnam Style
Best Rap Performance
Epik High - Up
Best Band Performance
Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
Best Dance Performance – Solo
PSY - Gangnam Style
Best Dance Performance  Male Group
SHINee – Sherlock
Best Dance Performance   Female Group
f(x) - Electric Shock
Best Vocal Performance  Solo
K.Will - I need you
Best Vocal Performance – Group
Davichi - Will Think of You
Best Global Group – Female
Best Global Group – Male
Super Junior
PSY - Gangnam Style
Big Bang
Wang Leehom
Philippines: Sarah Geronimo
Japan: AKB48
Vietnam: My Tam
Indonesia: Agnes Monica
Singapore: Taufik Batisah
China: Li Yuchun
Sexy Free & Single – SUPER JUNIOR
best new asian artist
New Asian Artist Group - EXO
China: TimeZ
Thailand: Natthew
Mnet PD’s Choice Award
International/Global Favorite Artist
Style in Music
Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls
Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Award
Big Bang
Best Line Award
Super Junior

No surprise that PSY won so many of the awards. Gangnam Style rightly deserves Song of the Year for making such a big impact on the global music market. But as I was watching it, I couldn't help but guess the winners to practically all the prizes near the end of the ceremony. Why? Well this is just a theory I had formulated from ideas I read from other people as the ceremony was airing. It seems like MNET tried to make sure everyone who attended left with an award. That would account for some of the awards that I have never heard of before being awarded. It fits together quite nicely once you look at the nominations for the awards that were voted on by fans and then look at the awards that were given that didn't have a fan voting contribution. Just a theory. No bashing. I've just always believed these awards reflected the power of established fandoms and marketing (add in a little bias from the organisers?) rather than true quality of music. Of course, there were many on this extensive list that I think deserved their awards very much.


On to the performances. For making me sit down for so long, the performances had to be good. To be honest, I didn't watch all of them. As I said, seven hours is a long time. EXO and SHINee's performance did give me a slight heart attack from too many feels (maybe a little biased there) but looking at it objectively, the purpose was a "time skip". It looked pretty biased to me. H.O.T, TVXQ, SHINee? It's looking more like an SM promo than nostalgia (though I am not denying that SM has been very popular in the past). Other personal favorites were the obvious epic Epik High and the explosive Big Bang (puns fully intended :P). I also thoroughly enjoyed Roy Kim's performance. I've never heard of him prior to this, but I definitely liked his vocals. Though Seo In Young's English pronunciation didn't cut it for me, K.Will's did. OMG. Just a quick comment on the Troublemaker performance (second MAMA version). Was it just me or did it just get to a new level of sexual that I thought never existed?  Conservative me coming through


Being the stagecraft critic that I am, I have to say that the lighting and sound in this year's ceremony was pretty good. There were times where I picked up sound that was probably from the backstage crew's communication devices but I forgive them. Camera-work was good. Not too jumpy or lagged. Angles were ok. Being a live show though, sometimes the camera did miss some things that I wanted to see through panning to the idol pit (as I called it) or simply shooting from another angle.

Anyway, I think I've ranted enough. I'll leave some for the others. Overall, liked the ceremony but it was very long and sometimes grueling to get through. I won't even go into MNET Global's live Twitter commentary. EUGHHH.... Don't get me started.

Admin S
Ok hi. My turn~

First of all, I sat and watched the entire 7 hours of the stream (screaming at my family occasionally to stop talking to me because I was busy) but I have to admit, I was actually very disappointed in MAMA this year.

Can I just say how annoyingly unprofessional and obnoxious the English MC's were?
They basically didn't know anything or anyone and proceeded to diss the entire of Troublemaker's performance and Epik High's costume.
Then they said something along the lines of:
"Oh. I really liked that one dress that was short at the front and long at the back. I think that was very nice"
"Oh, did you mean Ga In?"
"Was that her? Yeah. I think so. Ga In."


As MC's of a very important event, you would think to at least commit names to memory and avoid being sarcastic towards the idols.

Moving on from the pretty disappointing and somewhat offensive commentary,
I pretty much tuned in at the very start (although I skipped "The History of MAMA" because gawddddd. that was boring). 
The red carpet was quite interesting and I actually enjoyed looking at the fashion and was super delighted by the surprise performances of both B.A.P and Block B (OMG. BLOCKBAP. MY FEELS).

The standouts on the red carpet (for me) were:
Lee Hi
f(x) (omgggg. amber *blubbering mess of incoherent noises*)
Park Shin Hye
Song Joong Ki
Ga In
Block B (so much win omg)
Seo In Young
Bai Bai He (my favourite of the night)

On to the actual ceremony...
Was anyone else confused about the second award?? (Presented by Simon and PSY's first award of the night)
There was no mention of what the award was or who the nominee's were.
Judging by the look on his face, PSY was pretty darned confused too.
I'm disappointed that MNET did not provide any explanation to this...

The night went on and to be honest, the winners of the awards were quite predictable.
Except Best Female Global Group.
Wtf. How did Kara win that?? They were the least likely of all the nominees (in my opinion).
I still wonder how 2NE1, f(x) and Sistar didn't cinch that one...
[ADMIN K: Evidence to my theory up top]

But the most shocking, disappointing, annoying, unhappy and angry feels I had to an award winner was Busker Busker (not that they're not good and I don't like them. No hate, ok?)
I know that only 20% of the results come from voting but the other 80% is made up of album sales and a judging panel.
Sorry, call me biased but I really, seriously don't think that Busker Busker could've surpassed Exo or B.A.P at album sales...
It seem like MNET just gave it to them to avoid a fanwar between Exotics and Babyz (fried tofuz). I think they just made it worse though? Because both sides came away angry and annoyed and disappointed.
What got me the most though, was that they didn't bother to announce the winner on the live stream but through their Twitter instead...

As for the actual performances,they were actually... quite disappointing and not as good as last year's (in my opinion).

G-Dragon's opening rap was fabulous and amazing and I died so hard because it was perfect.

But then Ailee, Bang Yong Guk and PIA took the stage and honestly... I hated it.

I really really loved Epik High's performance and of course Big Bang's because seriously GD, how did you do that to your hair in less than 2 hours??
And T.O.P, your eyes.

Yeah how did this...

Become this in 2 hours ?


(On a side note, since GD was shirtless under that big, red coat, it's confirmed that his tummy tattoo from Crayon is real)

And then Troublemaker was just... yeah...I'm not even sure what was going on there.

I really didn't like B.O.B and Seo In Young's performance of Airplanes (you would've thought to get someone with a high enough vocal range and who was fluent in English?)

Like Admin K said, there were quite a few awards that didn't really make sense to me (what's a Line Award? and a Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Award??) and there were a few winners I was quite unhappy with and thought they didn't deserve it and I was quite sad that many bands didn't make the nominations stage (Nu'Est, BtoB, C-Clown etc etc etc etc etc.) but I'd like to congratulate everyone, nonetheless.