Saturday, 15 December 2012

Confessions on Sunny Hill's "GOODBYE TO ROMANCE"

It's been a while since Sunny Hill has come back with a song. After Pray, Sunny Hill has definitely established the image of being a group that makes a social commentary with their edgy songs. As a result, of course I was surprised when they came out with Goodbye to Romance which is definitely not as powerful and impacting as their previous songs (after the addition of members). 

Despite some criticisms, I think this return to their previous style prior to that long hiatus is refreshing. To be honest, I actually miss this part of Sunny Hill. I didn't know about them until their long awaited return with Midnight Sun but exploring their past a bit, I actually really liked the sweet/cute feel of the old Sunny Hill. With the sort of "a couple and a female third wheel" feel to it. LOL. Especially from Dial Back Tone. I miss Janghyun's lines....

Goodbye to Romance is reminiscent of this sweet side of Sunny Hill which I was hoping to see again. The song is simple and very appropriate for the Winter/Christmas period. Personally, I'm a sucker for MVs with cute kids... Also the one-shot style of the MV is also nicely and smoothly done. Definitely an impressive point to note.

Though the lyrics aren't particularly showing much of a social commentary, they are still quite thoughtful. From the teaser and the translations ( it seems like the song is about childhood romance and reminiscing about lost love. That's my interpretation anyway. Loen has provided English subtitles if you want to watch the teaser.

Overall not my favorite Sunny Hill song but definitely something to check out along with the rest of this mini-album. :)

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