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Confessions On The MelOn Music Awards 2012

Following MAMA, another awards ceremony has just taken place, namely, the MelOn Music Awards.
Firstly, I'm just gonna go ahead and say how much I liked MelOn compared to MAMA.
Even though it's not as big a deal, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

Now, I must admit, I missed almost half of the red carpet but I gathered enough from what I saw.
Which, admittedly wasn't a lot... since I couldn't understand what the MC's were saying anyway.

I was pretty startled during the awkward complete silence every time the idols were being photographed though...

The line up of the red carpet was:

Dynamic Duo
Julien Kang
Simon D
Huh Gak
Kim So Hyun
Seo In Guk
A-Pink's Eunji
Kim Yoo Jung

Red carpet footage can be found here.

The MCs of the night were INFINITE'S Woohyun, B2ST's Gikwang, Moon Hee Jun and Danny Ahn. 
First off, I think they did a spectacular job running the whole event (even though I don't understand most of what they said)...

The line up for the performances were:

Simon D, Rhythm Power & Dynamic Duo

K.Will feat. INFINITE's Dongwoo and Hoya






Ailee and Huh Gak



WOW. Ok, first of all, AMAZING. SO GOOD. Seriously enjoyed it, much much better than MAMA.
INFINITE, SISTAR and B2ST left my jaw hanging. My three favourite performances of the night.

Honestly, I thought all the stages were amazing and well thought out and interesting.
Except... T-Ara's... I'm not sure what their concept was or if the song choice was bad? But I was really bored and uninterested in their performance and actually swapped tabs to Tumblr to see what was going on there. Actually, the other idols looked pretty bored too.
I loved SISTAR's little video skit at the start. Creative, relevant and oh, so sexy! (unfortunately the skit is not shown the the video above).
And 2NE1!!! Omfg. I actually like near cried during their red carpet. I haven't seen them in sooooo long and damnnn Bom. So hot, you make me tear ;___;
Ailee and Huh Gak's collaboration was beautiful as well.

The list of award winners of the MelOn Awards 2012 are:

Artist of The Year - B2ST
Album of The Year - Busker Busker
Song Of The Year - PSY (Gangnam Style)
2012 Top 10 Artists - B2ST
                               Huh Gak
                               Big Bang
                               Busker Busker

Best New Artist - B.A.P
Global Star Award - PSY
2012 Netizen Popularity Award - B2ST
2012 Hot Trend - Troublemaker
Best OST - A-Pink's Eun Ji & Seo In Guk
Best Rock - Nell
Best Rap/Hip Hop - Dynamic Duo
Best R&B/Ballad - K.Will
2012 MBC Music Star Award - Super Junior's Shindong & Kim Shin Young of "Show Champion"
2012 Songwriter Award - Duble Sidekick

Can I just mentioned that I noticed that there was not one JYP nor SM artist (besides Shindong) present at MelOn?

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