Saturday, 7 January 2012

Song Battle: Teen Top's Don't Spray Perfume vs Going Crazy


01. Teen Top
02. 미치겠어
03. Where’s Ma Girl
04. Girl Friend
05. 미치겠어 (R&B Slow Mix)
06. 미치겠어 (Inst)

Earlier this week, Teen Top released the MV for their brand new track Going Crazy. Featuring 4minute's maknae, Sohyun, the boys mix their usual smooth choreography with a dramatic story of love with L.Joe as the main character.

It seems they have all upgraded from their 'pretty boy' image in Dont Spray Purfume with this brand new concept that is very different to their other comebacks.

On another note, it seems that Teen Top has improved a lot in terms of vocals and talent. However they need to stop being a team with 2 vocalists, 2 rappers and leaving the rest as back-up dancers.

Check out their new music video below:


dammit. Now there are more L.Joe fangirls in the world T.T
haha OMO Changjo sings...

gah, died of sexiness..

I love how all the other members just awkwardly stand there as L.Joe asks Sohyun if she'll be his girlfriend bahaha REJECTED!

And can I just say, the amount of thrusting and crotch grabbing makes Super Junior look weak. I mean, it should be mandatory for male idol groups to have pelvic moves like that!

Maybe you could get between them for some fun?

That is some intense thrusting. 
DP from Donghae and Siwon? 
Yes, please. 

Okay that was just a little too dirty..

Haha but Chunji looks INCREDIBLY happy for L.Joe to get rejected. I think it's a sign..

Anyway as this is a song battle, I also have to ramble about Don't Spray Perfume, so here we go:

But those 4 minutes can be simplified with this gif:

Truthfully, I love Going Crazy like a bizillion times more because IT IS SO DAMN ADDICTIVE. AND SEXY. AND BUCKET LOADS OF L.JOEEE!

So I now leave you with the concept photos for Teen Top's first comeback of 2012!

~1 2 3 4 Everyone come on here we go
Teen Top go go put your hands up high~

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