Friday, 20 January 2012

Confessions on Rainbow

Rainbow - kpop-girl-power photo

Come come come come to meee!

Seriously, these girls are underrated! I really wish they were more popular because their music is so much better than all the rookie stuff out there.

They debuted in 2009 and are under the same company as Kara, DSP Media. Recently they have been promoting their Japanese versions and have also created a sub-unit composed of SeungAh, Jisook and HyunYoung titled Rainbow Pixie. They are now performing their new track Hoi Hoi.

I truly hate this song. It's like a poisonous mixture of Secret's Shy Boy era and Orange Caramel-ness. I miss their To Me and Sweet Dreams days when their choreography was more like Rania's and they had more doof doof beats. But this... this is so colourful...

Scary Hyunyoung ><

haha but for people who are new to Rainbow, these three songs really got me into loving them:


Sweet Dream

To Me

Concept Photos:


~Oh mirror shine,
Let me fix my make up
Break it down,
Break it down~

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