Thursday, 26 January 2012

Confessions on B.A.P's Warrior

Freaking Badass, Absolute and Perfect!

01 Burn It Up (Intro)
02 Warrior
03 Unbreakable
04 비밀연애 (Feat. 송지은 Of Secret)

BANG AND ZELOO!! OMG this group just exudes awesomeness!



Haha just casually writing from the grave... blah well I just NEED to talk about the amount of peroxide that's used on these boys. Wae everyone blonde? I can't tell who is who and there is a guy with BRILLIANT vocals that I need to claim before my friend says she wants to marry him!

This MV is seriously Daebak. Better than a lot of stuff out there. There is just perfect chemistry between the smooth vocals and rapping in this song. I love how their image is completely different to Boyfriend or B1A4. They actually SOUND like men without the disgusting high pitched yelping. Plus their dancing is so effing epic. I request a dance version!

On another note, Zelo is a '96-er. I bet all the pedonoonas out there are watching him fufufu
PLUS he is 182cm tall. So he is cute AND tall eh?...

Bahahaha not gonna happen. B.A.P also have a documentary running at the moment titled Ta-Dah It's B.A.P. which shows the follow-up to their debut success:

The rest of B.A.P's first single album is excellent. It is actually really good stuff that is well produced and genuinely sounds nice. It is well balanced with the "Warrior" theme at the intro, and slowly progressing to songs that have a slower tempo that shows their soft and mature side. I particularly love the third track Unbreakable. I think it's rather hilarious that they are under the same company as Secret, but I hope that they do more collaborations, especially with Song Ji Eun.  

Honestly, they all look like clones of each other. But hopefully in time with different hair styles, concepts and albums, we'll be able to tell them apart and see more sides of these boys.

~ I can tell you’re looking at me
I know what you see
Any closer and you’ll feel the heat~

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