Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Confessions on MBLAQ's It's War


Fufufu I see papa Rain has been teaching them well!

01. Run
02. 전쟁이야
03. 낙서
04. 아찔한 그녀
05. Hello My EX

MBLAQ ARE BACK! Their new album 100% Ver. is the 4th mini album that features the powerful title track It's War. With its dynamic opening and intense, action-packed music video, these boys are sure to make an energetic comeback onto the music scene.

I was stunned when I first saw the teaser photos for this album. I mean WTF? G.O in feathers again haha but WOW have they all changed! I want Seungho to quickly grow his hair back, but I think I'm slowly falling for Mir...

Check out their new song below:

My reaction:



Oh. My. Freakin'. Gosh. Personally, IF I was the girl, I would go for Joon instead of Thunder. On another note, that was an amazing bullet! haha I think they used the same room as TVXQ's Keep Your head Down...

This has to be the best MBLAQ MV ever. However, I do miss their Mona Lisa days...

And Seungho's hair...

So their first comback performance would be on Thursday, so hopefully they will release a dance version :) To end today's post are the concept photos for It's War:

~Break it down
Red beat down
Knock you down
Here we go~

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  1. MBLAQ owns some Physics defying bullets and guns. ;)