Friday, 27 January 2012

Confessions on Show Luo's (羅志祥) Only for You Album

Only Only U U U... Only Only U U U...

This is quite the blast from the past! I know it was released in February 2011, but following up from my weekly Chinese album reviews, I felt the need to mention Show and his 8th Album.

01. 獨一無二
02. 美麗的誤會
03. 拼什麼
04. Touch My Heart
05. 舞所遁形
06. 怕安靜
07. 強出頭
08. 忍住
09. 口頭纏
10. 愛享瘦
11. 拼什麼 (獨秀知音版)

The title song 獨一無二 or Only You is seriously the hero track out of the ENTIRE album! It is mindblowingly epic:

This is one of my favourite C-Pop MVs. Apparently the video costs around NT$5 million for the "Anti-Gravity filming technique" that was featured from the second verse onwards. The way that it is directed is very clever and the choreography is just superb. This enclosed MV is the Japanese version of the song, sorry but it's close to impossible to find it in Chinese!

I'd like to call the rest of the album "filler music":music that takes up space in the album that all sound the same with almost no melody. However, tracks 5 and 9 impress me, so they are excused.

8 of the 10 songs became music videos for the album, which has been released in 5 different versions.
It is said that Show Luo's first Japanese EP "Dante" is set for release on 15 Feb 2012. Let's just hope that he will be just as successful in Japan!

~Oh girl I cry cry
Your my all say goodbye~

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