Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Confessions on MBLAQ's Hello Baby Season 5


It's War alright...

In previous seasons, we saw SNSD, SHINee, T-ara and Sistar with Leeteuk as parents. We saw that some were very capable in handling babies, but can MBLAQ?

I laughed so hard when I first heard that they will be looking after kids. My first impression was that Joon would do something ridiculous to their minds or something. And to learn that they would be caring for 3 kids with different backgrounds? This is sure to impact their upbringing, and I'm not too certain that it's going to be positive.

The first episode was as good as Sesame Player, which means it's damn good. MBLAQ can do variety, or maybe it's just Joon and Mir. It was hilarious in that they had no team work at all; they just competed against each other to be the best father which is a completely different concept to last season's Sistar.

The first episode showed everyone's character and was a sound introductory for the group. MBLAQ entered a multicultural museum that exhibited clothing and traditions from nationalities around the world and were given the task of finding clues that revealed what nationalities the babies were. Seungho and G.O were THE perfect competitors/rivals and faught neck-to-neck against each other. However the other three are more relaxed and, in the end, Mir and Joon teamed up at last place. The show progressed with more clues for the members to find and after a day of looking at the snow, they eventually find their children and realise what is ahead in their distant journey as parents.

You can watch the full episode below:

I think that each child is well matched with their 'father'. Joon and Mir are, more or less, comic relief throughout the show. But it is nonetheless the best part of the show. My favourite 'father/daughter' couple is Seungho and Lauren. Lauren is just so adorable, and to have the perfect Seungho as a father is just ASDFJKL.


I am so glad that MBLAQ are doing variety again. They are just so stupidly hilarous that it hurts.

~I think about you a lot take care I wanna do
And I wish I think about you all the time my life.
I think about you a lot take care, do you wanna do?
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