Thursday, 5 January 2012

Confessions on B2ST's Yoseob

Happy 22nd Birthday, Seobbie!

... Honestly, I have nothing to confess. Other than his voice is like WOW. and his hair is looking prettier after fiction. and he looks funny :)

So to compensate, I will share my delicious Yoseob collection, starting with this:

When Yoseob ditches the cute act and turns on the sexy, he really turns on the sexy. Poor Doojoon back there can’t even handle it.

Oh Seobbie... I. am.. shocked. I bet Doojoon is shocked as well XD

Epic jizz face: Yoseob has it.

For a second, I legit thought this was Kikwang (my eyes went right to the abs, so I didn’t see Seobbie’s face). Goddamn.

That blowjob is so mindblowing he can’t even bother listening to music anymore. 
I can’t think anything but dirty thoughts while watching this gif. 


Why hello there >:)

B2ST - Mystery MV. total budget cut LOL


lol that concludes my Yoseob spamming. I'm sure that somewhere across the earth, he appreciates it. All in all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPPA :D

~My beautiful my girl and I
So beautiful my girl (In the cube)
Ha ha girl
This is my confession
Drop that beat~

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