Monday, 16 January 2012

Song Battle: Super Junior's Mr Simple vs A-Cha



Yes yes I know.. this battle is severely overdue =.="

OK so I have found that ALL of Super Junior's title tracks for the past 3 years have sounded more or less the same with just different dances. I mean, Miina/Bonamana sounds SO similar to Mr Simple it's just crazy (minus the metrosexual concept LOL). So which do you like more?

A-cha just wins it for me in terms of vocals, dance and performance. Their repackaged album has some really fantastic songs, but then again, Mr Simple has all the pretty pictures...


Oh my GOODNESS, Kyu...


On another note, I know that they are real people and everything, but as I fan I really don't want to watch their SuJu We Got Married thing that is going to air soon. I mean, I don't want them to grow old alone, but it still hurts to watch them like that even if it is for variety television. Dammit, why can't I live in Korea? Be Korean...? haha but even then, I still will have little to no chance of being their future whatever.

Pshh, Sorry Sorry owns EVERYTHING!

Here we go once again
Guess who's back, let's go
This one is all about you
I really hate you but I love you
So what can I do?
Now listen~

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