Friday, 22 June 2012

Confessions on Cross Gene

[Mini Album] CROSS GENE - Timeless: Begins


01. One Way Love
02. Sky High
03. For This Love
04. La-Di Da-Di (라-디 다-디)
05. My Lady
06. La-Di Da-Di (라-디 다-디) (inst.)

It took me like 10 minutes to learn all their names and faces and I have absolutely no regrets. They really interest me as a rookie group, partly because they are ALL SO GOD DAMN GOOD LOOKING. ESPECIALLY SHIN. I CLAIM HIM AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM.

Okay the MV is seriously wierd. I mean, dancing on the floor half the song? I get that creativity and originality was probably the goal, but dude, they really looked like a bunch of scarecrows dressed in suits. In spite of that.. I love JG's vocals arghh he is so cute! But what intrigues me is that leader Takuya doesn't sing a single line in their title song La-Di-Da-Di. It sorta pisses me off but I'd hate to see Cross Gene as one of those groups that we'll never see again. They definitely have potential and I love this song way more than BAP's Warrior or NU'EST's Face.

Sky High and For This Love are also excellent songs. I hope either one of them becomes their follow up track! Oh and JG's high notes in My Lady = ORGASMIC. THAT BOY CAN SING.

I'm really curious about Cross Gene's future fan name.
I've heard a few suggestions like:
  • Genetics
  • DNA
  • Hybrid
  • Helix
I personally like the sound of Chromosomes but I think I'm the only person in the world who is in favour of it.

Talking about Mr Shin Ho Won...

Who is currently starring in the Korean Drama "Big" with Miss A's Suzy..


BIG drama BTS Photo Shin Won Ho & Suzy
(LOL there’s an aegyo photo of Suzy on the desk XD )

And has been in a shit load of CFs including this one with G-Dragon:

And is like the cutest guy on this planet..

Not to mention the hottest..

Shin Won Ho from Cross Gene and “Big” Displays Multiple Charms for “CeCi” 

Okay you get the point. He is definitely taiwanmei!

I am superly pro-Cross Gene. I love them soooooo much..
But I find these moves painful to watch >//<


Cross Gene Fighting!!

Listening to: Se7en - La La La

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