Sunday, 22 January 2012

Confessions on Nine Muses

Ready I’m ready I’m ready hey!

I was never really into Nine Muses but recently, their new single News has converted me.
Despite their name, they are currently an 8 membered group with the addition on Kyung Li who was added for their third single.

These girls debuted in August 2010 with their song No Playboy:

They were slammed for being very similar to SNSD's Genie days.

After a year of hiatus, they returned in August 2011 for their second single Figaro. I quite liked Figaro, it had a good concept to work with and Nine Muses are very capable singers. However they are continuously underrated. I mean, their performances are just about flawless and they work very hard to get to where they are now, but it is just a lack of recognition.

So now we come back to their new single News which was released on the 10th of January. I find News very catchy and the production is just superb, but it's not something that Nine Muses can win with. They still have a long way to build their music.

I leave you now with the concept photos for Nine Muses' News:

~Bounce to the music let your feet go round
To the floor and Imma break it down
Let me in let me show you all my bling bling
And all my kicks kicks baby dance with me~

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