Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Confessions on Kan Mi Youn


haha okay so Kan Mi Youn recently released her second mini album OBSESSION. She is now performing it on music shows like Music Bank and Inkigayo, but what do you think of it?

  1. Won't Meet You
  2. Please
  3. Let It Snow (ft. Seojun)
  4. Won't Meet You (Inst.)
Do people still remember this song?

Yeah it's just a tad creepy.. O.O

I liked how half of MBLAQ was in it. I didn't like how close she got to Mir! ><

But honestly, she is so incredibly skinny and pretty, especially being at 29. It just totally blows your mind. But I really like her MVs and the dance! It's okay MiYoun - I would lock Lee Joon in my closet if I ever got the chance :D

As well as Going Crazy, her first mini-album included the hit Paparazzi which featured SS501s Hyung Joon.

Wow I just love how she manages to lock him up in the back of a car.

Hyung Joon makes it all worth it :)

In addition to these two songs, we now have Won't Meet You Again - her latest track. I'm feeling similar vibes to T-ara's Roly Poly. I mean, the same 'retro' mood is used as well as costume and dance.

Ultimately, after kidnapping Lee Joon (Going Crazy) and Kim Hyung Jun (Paparazzi), they finally decided to put her in a metal hospital. Haha I hope she comes back again with a similar style. Her songs are ADDICTIVE!

Hey girls, It’s gon’ be alright
Hey boys, Better make it right
Hey girls, We got ya back


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