Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Confessions on the Sydney Kpop Music Fest pt 3

Indulging myself with photos and fancams :D

But nothing could be as good as going..

Actually, what COULD compare with the Sydney fest would be my special lineup for Melbourne :) :

  • Big Bang
  • 2NE1
  • Infinite
  • Teen Top
  • Super Junior
  • FT Island
  • U-Kiss
  • f(x)
  • T-ara
  • B1A4
  • 2PM
  • After School

 Haha I should just keep dreaming.. For the whole weekend, I've been going through my live concert collection to compensate -sigh-

Right now I'm just crying to MBLAQ's Cry because I am that epic.. Time is too slow for me baby XD

~Hey, stay, love is all over, try to back it out
Still can't believe that you're gone

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