Sunday, 20 November 2011

Confessions on LED Apple

I have a secret love for LED Apple. They are severely underrated. Like SERIOUSLY.

My confession: It makes me angry when people say that they have potential to beat bands like CNBLUE or FT Island. Is it fair to love all three of them?

These boys have recently released their second single album CODA and have preformed on various music programs with their latest hit Boy Meets Girl or Someone Met by Chance. Check it out now:

I am soo in love with this song, it's the only thing that my ears have listened to all day!

I love their new image and Nam Gyuri in this MV! She is soo pretty.. Even being a uhh, robot..? Yeah anyway I don't really understand the story, especially when the teaser lasted for 10 minutes! I fell into an even deeper love for Kwangyeon after this song (the blonde guy who plays bass) and he is also the main character for this story.

I love the whole automatic and cyber feel of the MV. It's really well made, even if it does look a bit Tron-ish. This reminds me of the Japanese drama Zettai Kereshi where the girl has a robot boyfriend lol, but vice-versa. What is also incredible are the digital guitars that they use! OMO they look so coooool :D

I first fell in love with them after Who Do You Think You Are (How Dare You). I mean, they dance AND the play instruments?! If only CNBLUE or FT Island could do that..

I hope they get more recognition in the future. LED Apple Fighting! :)

~ Take Take Take my hands
uh uh, Grab Grab Grab my hands
Ye-Ye-Yes we can fly to the sky ha ha
I will take you there baby

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