Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Confessions on the Sydney Kpop Music Fest

TVXQ. SNSD. SHINee. Secret. Miss A. CNBLUE. 2AM. MBLAQ. Kara. B2ST. 4Minute. Sistar.


EOTOKKE!! It's sooo unfair. Why can't it be in Melbourne?!! Why can't it be in December?? Right now, in my head is Mblaq doing the Y dance in those hideous fluro outfits. This is just ridiculous.

I'm really excited for TVXQ though. Changminniee!! I love their new Japanese stuff with Duet and Superstar. I also really want to see Beast and SHINee muahahaaa.. Bad Girl. Fiction. Shock. Beautiful. VIU. Mystery. Kikwang lol. Why does life torture me? AND my SHINee boys - flaming charisma MINHO, Bling Bling JONGHYUN, dance machine TAEMIN!

I don't really care much for Secret or Sistar. I'm sorry, but I think it's difficult for girl groups to please people. They are either too cute (eg. A-Pink) or too sexy (eg. RaNia lol). But like half the crowd would be there for SNSD. They better sing The Boys.

From each group, if I could request 1 song, I'd love it to be:
  • I Don't Know or Keep Your Head Down
  • Run Devil Run or Genie. or maybe Hoot. No wait, GIRLS BRING THE BOYS OUT
  • Starlight Moonlight
  • LOVE Girl or Intuition lol YONGHWAA
  • I Did Wrong. Jo Kwon, you are welcome to invade other performances my kkap king!
  • Mona Lisa and Cry and then Stay then OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!
  • Step. Followed very closely by Mister. haha butt dance FTW XD
  • Everything B2ST. Literally. It kills me to pick 1, so maybe.. Fiction
  • I My Me Mine and Mirror Mirror! 4 minute slap 4 minute slap uh uh!
  • So Cool
Despite having so many guests, I bet each group would do maybe 2 or 3 songs. Bleh. But there's a dance battle! Haha I sooo wanna goooo!!

Sorry for my massive confession/rant. I am very frustrated! When will this ever happen again?

I love it when my television shows Yunho and Changmin looking so hot keke..

~Don't think too much its simple~

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