Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Confessions on Double B/21

Okay so we often hear of boy groups with 7 members, 9 members.. even 13. Now there is Double B/21, also know as A-Peace and they have a staggering 21 members!

It's like, a classroom full of great looking boys. I know they all look the same, but someone should just dye their hair blue or something just for the sake of standing out.

This reminds me of AKB48. Except this is more than half the number. And they're guys. But what I hate is that it sounds like a total of five guys really sing, and the rest act as furniture for the MVs.

These boys have released several songs like One, Lover Boy and SOS. I personally like Lover Boy, but the MV makes me dizzy as there's so many of them!

How on earth do they all fit on stage for a live performance?

Anyhow it seems that about half of them are rappers lol.

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I think i'll just stick with SuJu. I don't even want to try learning 21 names!

~Can you feel my heartbeat?~

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