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Confessions on HyunA's Ice Cream MV

[Mini Album] HyunA - Melting

[PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY REFLECTS THE OPINION OF ADMIN K. I can be a bit over the top cynical when I have lots of feels.]
I thought I would start off this “little rant” with a transcript of briefly what was going through my mind when I was watching this video. Be free to watch the MV simultaneously while I go through this.

Promo from Psy? She was in his and now he is in hers? Marketing stunt?

Report to the dance floor?  Does this how all dance songs need to start? In that case, where is this dance floor?

This song makes me cringe… not in a good way.

1:16- “It’s too small for me.” What is too small?

1:18- “SALE: My little brother with big shout” Is this endorsing selling your siblings? “Tell me! Who am I” *facepalm*


1:23- “Shell we drive? On your UFO” Shell? No spell-check Cube?
“Santa please forget my crying”
“Do not hurry you have 4 minute” – PLURAL! I don’t care if it’s HyunA’s group name!
Why!? You make me want to cry.

1:30- You just potentially killed someone!? Call a freaking ambulance! 

1:34- Oh here we go, the real sexy is starting.

1:46- You can’t do that with real ice-cream…. It would fall right off the cone.

1:51- “Batman he is gone” How is this relevant?

Oh the chorus dance… HyunA getting her sexy on.

Oh God… HyunA with soap suds… Nice work Cube.

2:11- Was that a boob squeeze?

2:27- 2:33- I’m sorry. There is no other way to describe this. This is HyunA sitting on a guy and going up and down on him. NO!


3:08- NOOOO!! It just keeps getting worse! Now she’s molesting some guy with her name and ice-cream tattooed on his back. EUGHHHH!

3:21- Is this guy a statue? He’s not moving or reacting at all. Of course he was paid to stand still so HyunA can do her thing.

3:28- Obligatory “bite on something sexily” scene

3:44- She’s spraying water from a hose now!?

3:45- Oh wait it’s not water... It's white…  well that’s not much better… Yes I just went there. Don't deny it, you went there too.

Generally speaking, wrong season and wrong timing for this video. It’s Autumn in Korea at the moment and it’s getting cold. I think a song supposedly about ice-cream should be released in Summer? It seemed like the logical thought. After watching that video, I feel like I need to scratch my eyes out. To me, it looked like glorified stripping, without obviously the clothes removal. I’m not surprised especially after Change, Bubble Pop and Troublemaker. It’s HyunA I get it, it’s the way she’s marketed and promoted. I just didn’t expect it to get worse. I’m not hating on HyunA. It’s just that try-hard sexy is a big turn off in my books. It makes me feel like this video is directed at catching the attention of pubescent hormonal boys and perverted old men. That just takes away from the value of the song. 

Admittedly, I didn’t like the song all that much prior to the music video. That was purely because it didn’t fit my music tastes. I’m not particularly fond of sweet, high-pitched songs. I also found the idea of a song about ice-cream to be a little bit ridiculous. Despite knowing this, curiosity got the better of me. 

There are some redeeming qualities. It's a very colourful and bright MV. Also, even though Psy’s appearance may have been a marketing stunt, I still liked his addition. Psy brought some humour to the MV. It’s what Psy is good at and I think it adds a light air to start a (when you're ignoring the sexyness) fun MV. When HyunA isn’t trying to be sexy, she’s actually very pretty and kind of cute in my opinion. I have to admit that. She also doesn’t look bad in anything despite my complaints that are directed at how revealing most clothes are. 

The dance itself, quite suggestive but also I think she’s a good dancer. No doubt. The teaser was rated 15+ and Cube is predicting that the infamous MOGEF will slap a 19+ on the full MV. Not surprised really. At least they acknowledge it?

I won’t get too much into the song since there might be an album review on this. I don’t know.

Now I need to go cleanse my eyes. I feel violated.

Cr: Screenshots done by Admin K (excluding the GIF)

+Admin K

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