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Confessions on Epik High's "IT'S COLD" Single

It's Admin S' first post here!
Hehe hi everyone ^^

I am actually so relieved and happy and amazingly glad that the Golden Trio, the Holy Trinity the- whatever you want to call them really... oppas or ahjusshis are back!

(ok I'll start being serious now)

The song can be listened to here but please do try and buy it when it's released on iTunes in your country.

Epik High (YG's new adopted children from Woolim) recently released a new single featuring Lee Ha Yi, one of the finalists of K-Pop Star.

The song begins with a hauntingly beautiful and melodious note from Ha Yi and then proceeds into the classic Epik High style instrumentals before Tablo begins his verse in a perfectly seasoned and distinct voice.
The chorus combines both Ha Yi's and Tablo's vocals which surprisingly interweave harmoniously (I didn't know Tablo could sing like this!).
Lee Ha Yi's voice is definitely unique. It is soft and sweet, but not in the sugar-aegyo-cute kind of way.
The rap and vocals transition smoothly and beautifully. In fact, it transitions so well and everything fits like snug puzzle pieces, I hardly take any notice of the division between the verses, chorus and bridge.
As always, Tablo's flawless English is peppered throughout the song, albeit sparingly this time round.

It's Cold brings feelings of hurt and well, as the title says, coldness.
In general, the entire feel of this song is soft, fragile and mellow. I would definitely recommend it as "sleeping music".
I don't know about you guys but this song produces heart clenching feels and elicits sad dying whale sounds from my throat (yeah ok, not really but y'know. It feels pretty sad to me..)

2 days into the release and It's Cold has already achieved an "all kill" on several music charts.
I feel that this is definitely a strong and stable comeback song that is sure to reel in new listeners.
I am over the moon and I absolutely CANNOT wait for the album to be released (19th October 2012).
This song definitely didn't disappoint. I'm extremely grateful to Papa YG for not interfering with their style and lyrics.

I hope all the High Skooler's and YG biased fans (or just all of you. all of you could support them. that'd be real nice.) continue to support Epik High.
God knows they need it after all they've been through.

So for those of you who didn't know, Tablo was involved in a very serious and controversial issue. All of it can be read here (a bit lengthy but really worth it):

But besides Tablo's struggle, both Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz departed for the army and both returned safely. After that, they obviously left Woolim Entertainment (home of Infinite and Tasty).
Actually, the only way Epik High got signed to YG was because of Tablo.
While Tablo was locked in legal battles over his "fraud", he had nowhere to go and it was all because of his wife, Kang Hye Jeong (an actress under YG) that he was first signed and managed produced his solo album, Fever's End.
I think he explains everything on Strong Heart which can be watched here:

Ok, so I'm not sure have Admin L usually does this haha but I gave this my best shot and I hope it wasn't too bad!
I'll be sure to update you guys on G-Dragon, BtoB, BAP and U-Kiss soon.
Please be patient while we catch up on all the comebacks while we were away!

Much love,
Admin S.
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