Friday, 5 October 2012

Confessions on Secret's "POSION" Mini Album

1. Telepathy
2. Poison
3. Falling in Love
4. Calling U
5. 1, 2, 3 

Is it just me or is it REALLY annoying the amount of times they sing the word "poison"?
I am not a Secret fan, but gosh this sounded just like their song Magic and Madonna:

Okay so despite not being completely original, it is still an OK song for me. I really liked Hyosung's look in this. The theme is pretty awesome with the burlesque costumes and lighting, and the Chicago-like setting that mimics that theatrical image.

hahaha but in my head I couldn't help but think this,

image   image

Ok ok ok I'm not a pervert geez =.="
But this dance move bothered me a little:

I didn't really get the story, but it looked like they stole the jewel and poisoned everyone in the end so...

All the other songs on the album sound REALLY SIMILAR.
I actually like Calling U and Falling in Love, their really nice and mellow, but nothing stands out in particular unfortunately.

Overall, I think all of TS Ent's efforts and money went into all of B.A.P's 3 comebacks instead of Secret's long awaited comeback. It's actually kind of sad that B.A.P is possibly becoming more popular than Secret, but I want more collaborations in the future, like Secret Love:

"We're trapped in a box called reason, rather than a box called emotion"

Listening to: U-Kiss - Time to Go

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