Friday, 19 October 2012

Confessions on Ga-In's "TALK ABOUT S" Solo Album

This is Ga-in's second solo album, first being Step 1/2 which was really beautiful.
The title song, Irreversible is below:
(WARNING: this thing is a freaking movie, like beware this might be one of the longest MVs ever)
OK so Ga-in had set a pretty high standard for herself already, being a vocalist of Brown Eyed Girls and with the solos of all her other group mates. Nevertheless Talk About S is actually quite refreshing and interesting as it really displays her versitility and range through all her songs.
Tinkerbell is by far my favourite. There is just something so mysterious and beautiful about it. The delicate vocals are distinct whilst decorated by textural and instrumental shifts which compose much of this track. Though it does not have a full music video, the concept from the teaser makes me wish that it could fully develop into something more. Despite this, the live performances lacked something, probably the same magical nature that was displayed in this teaser. The costumes, the dance.. everything just lacked substance. But as a song, I really enjoyed it.
Catch Me If You Can
Did not like this song... yeah ok that was a pretty blunt comment but in all honest truth it did not hit me as a powerful track. It was just cheesily annoying... so I avoid listening to it too much...
Tiredness / Meet Her
I really liked this song, I thought it suited Ga-in really well.
It's just really enjoyable to listen to, what can I say? :D
The Gaze
This is another song that I liked, very similar to Tiredness in my opinion.
It's very much driven by the instrumentals, but the sleepy vocal quality just melts perfectly into this song. I think that after listening to it too many times it will reach boredom, but it is a very nice song to add to the album, very Ga-in...
Okay now for the best part!
So if you didn't know.. this MV was banned for being too ranchy / sexual / not for little kids
Like she's not even wearing pants for goodness sakes.
The song IS very catchy I must say but it's not my cup of tea... it's very girly.
Many people say it resembles IU's Good Day or You & I?
I mean, the beginning is cute right? she walks around, stares sexily into the camera, smiles, runs around a bit..
and then BAM there's a sex scene!
Ok whatever the song is not bad, but it's not the best either. I don't think Bloom fit's Ga-in's style at all. But in saying that, she did win M!Countdown. Congrats Ga-in!
I'm just interested in what Jo Kwon thinks of the MV...
Listening to: Miss A - Ma Style

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