Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Confessions on Chocolat's Syndrome

Do people know this group? They gained heaps of popularity from being Korea's first bi-racial girl group. This dance was nicknamed the 'wiping arm-pit' dance. Get the picture?

I don't know if I like this song or not. The thing is that IT'S REALLY ADDICTIVE. I got it on my iPod a while ago and I just don't seem to skip it at all. The one thing I really truly hate is Tia's "never break break my heart" thing at the end -shiver-

Another thing about this MV is that its so biased to Tia. It's like Teep Top - everything is magnetised to Niel, which I don't mind because I like Niel :) But this is even worse. Like, there is no distribution in parts at all.

I tried doing this dance for the heck of it once. Epic. Fail. How do they do it at 14 in heels without tripping over or falling.. its crazy!

Chocolat Syndrome Tia Hwang Never Break Break My Heart
See? It's creepy right? O.o

What I love watching is dance covers and versions of this song. It's really energetic!

I love these boys. It's funny when they do REALLY girly dances like Dr Feel Good or AS Bang :)

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