Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Confessions on Boyfriend


I have a guilty love for the Jo twins. I'm not a pedonoona or anything - its SAFE!

Oh gosh I'm in love with Kwangmin. Yes I love them both, but Kwangmin takes priority because he is the MASCULINE brother. Sorry but Youngmin is a tad.. girly.


“You can tell Youngmin and Kwangmin apart without relying on their hairstyles alone.” Hyunsung continued, “Kwangmin has a longer jawline while Youngmin’s is softer and more feminine.”
...Youngmin is easy-going and smooth, while Kwangmin is masculine."

And WTH they do NOT look like Kim Hyun Joong! Haha this reminds me of that episode of Happy Together..

It's like Jedi and padawans.. -blackout-

I don't mind Boyfriend. As a rookie group, they did really well this year. I just wished that Don't Touch my Girl was their debut song instead of Boyfriend. Nevertheless they are on my iPod, serenading to me when I need them haha.

What I think is underrated is the second clip for the song. It is just sooo funny.. :)

Kwangmin looking so swag XD

~You're my Beautiful Target,
you Zoom Zoom my Heart like a Rocket~

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