Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Confessions on Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense

The queens of K-pop are back! Showing rookies how its done:  the vocals, dance, performance - everything.

Brown Eyed Girls. Right now Abracadabra is in my head with their hips swaying :(
I was really excited about this song. The introduction is just AWESOME. These girls have REAL vocal power. My favourite is Ga In (WGM yeah!), followed by Narsha Miryo and then Jea.

With previous songs like Sign and Abracadabra, I was hoping this will be another memorable one. Their third album Sound G was sooo good.

I like listening to Hot Shot and the fifth track 불편한 진실, which bares GREAT resemblances to Sunny Hill's Prayer. Really, the two songs are more or less the same. Plus they are in the same company. WTF?
01.Swing It Shorty (Intro)
02.Sixth Sense
03.Hot Shot
04.La Boheme
05.불편한 진실
07.Countdown (Interlude)
09.Sixth Sense (Inst.) 

This MV has a very cinematic feel to it. There are many ways to decipher its inner meanings and motifs but I won't get into that. Anyhow I really liked the ideas and the mood of the whole piece. The intro of the song is like war music lol. I can't help but think that Ga In is swearing when she says Bichi Bichi/Guilty Guilty haha. But Jea in water officially creeps me out. And Narsha rolling around the floor was a bit uhh.. provocative.

In saying that, this has to be one of the top MVs of the year. Seriously.

Sorry, but I don't think it's as memorable as Abracadabra. NO ONE can ever forget Abracadabra! Ireoda michyeo naega yeoriyeori chakhadeon Geureon naega~

~This song ain't over

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