Thursday, 10 November 2011

Song Battle: Infinite's Be Mine VS Paradise


Infinite had a massive comeback this year with the release of their OVER THE TOP album and their repackaged version titled PARADISE.

I love Infinite to bits. Seriously. I see myself in every member and they all have so much aegyo that it just kills me. From the uber sexy DASHI DURAWA debut, to their new image of BTD, crossing over into their cute NOTHINGS OVER era into men in PARADISE, they are just pure awesomeness. They really deserve more recognition around the world, especially being one of the most synchronised dance groups out there!

The dances for both MVs are brilliant. Both are really nicely composed with excellent rapping and vocals. There seems to be more of a story line with Paradise, but the orchestra version of Be Mine is just DAEBAK!

I think I like Be Mine more. It's a lot catchier and feel good. AHH Sungyeol! Yes I can hear you  ^^

Does anyone else feel a little embarassed when watching Infinite perform Paradise live? It's just this move that disturbs me:

Myungsoo from Infinite.
*A* He has such a nice butt.
Uuugh Infinite. you boys drive me cuhrayzayyyy. And that shirts will forever be emblazoned in my mind, myungsoo.
thanks so much for this awesome submission beforethedawnx!!GOD BLESS INFINITE.
They can take me to paradise any day.
omahgahd bitchesnhoes, thanks so much for this. i totally had it in my folder ready to go out for tonights queue.
 You know what else is WOW factor? Myungsoo's backless shirt:

I KNOW RIGHT? I like it and hate it. I can't help but think that this is just fan service for Inspirits.

I hope Infinite do well in Japan. I still can't imagine what Before the Dawn would sound like in Japanese ><

Infinite Fighting! :)

~Round and Round Bingeul Bingeul~

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