Friday, 4 November 2011

Confessions on U-Kiss' Neverland

This album is worth the wait. After their success with Bran New Kiss, U-Kiss has made a comeback that is worth fangasms.

1. U-Kiss – Intro
3. U-Kiss – Baby Don`t Cry
4. U-Kiss – Someday
5. U-Kiss – Take Me Away
6. U-Kiss – ON THE Floor
7. U-Kiss – Friends of Love
8. U-Kiss – April Story
9. U-Kiss – Obsession
10. U-Kiss – TOP THAT
11. U-Kiss – Tell Me Y
12. U-Kiss – See You Again (U-Kiss With PARAN)
13. U-Kiss – Someday (Inst.)

I love just over half of these songs. Special mentions to Neverland, Baby Don't Cry, On the Floor and Obsession for lots of doof doof beats.

Mentions to Someday and Take Me Away for a ballad feel.

They re-released Someday as a new version, but honestly I can't tell the difference. Apparently they stopped premoting Neverland after leader Soohyun had throat problems, so now its back to Someday which is a little less energetic.

I love Neverland so much. The MV is always skewed towards Kevin which I don't mind. His voice is a bit nassally haha but its cute! I wish Eli and Kiseop had more screen time..

Below is one of their live performances:

What amuses me is their costumes. Who the heck decided to dress these guys in tight leather corsets? I think U-Kiss is the only group that can pull something like this off. Yeah they look uncomfortable, but sexy. Especially Kevin and AJ.

YES I'll stay forever young with you Dongho! :)

~Naega geureoke-reoke manmanhani
Sarangi geureoke neon manmanhani~

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