Thursday, 3 November 2011

Confessions on Infinite's BTD (Before the Dawn)

I am an Inspirit. I love ALL members. Infinite is a group that is really hard to pick a bias, so mine change depending on what I'm watching.

After Sesame Player 2, I fell in love with Sungyeol. I can't eat bananas anymore just incase he has like mutated them with vinegar or something LOL.

Happy Yeol. Angry Yeol. Either way, you are so cute! 

And then I watched While You Were Sleeping because of him. And then I realised he got the girl pregnant. Now I've officially boycotted it. >.<

But I will other posts on Infinite later BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
Sorry if this seems like a really old song. I started this blog this month so it will take a while to get these confessions out of me :)


I love everything about it, except the drama version MV where everyone is getting bashed.
I love Dongwoo's red hair.
I love Sungjong's girl hair.
I love Myungsoo's killer stare.
I love Hoya's badass-ness.
I love the epic "WHY" bit.

Scorpion Dance FTW

~'cause I listen to my heart beat one by one~

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