Thursday, 24 November 2011

Song Battle: Tablo's Bad ft Jinsil VS Tomorrow ft Taeyang


Tablo is just a genius. Korean Eminem LOL! Being a breakthrough solo artist, he has recently produced the incredible two part album Fever's End. His title tracks, Bad and Tomorrow are beautifully composed, balancing rap with a sorrowful chorus featuring Jinsil and Taeyang.

I am not a huge fan of Epik High. Honestly, the only songs I really fancied were Run (Infinite :D) and One. I didn't know what to expect with these two albums at first as I am not a supporter of rap, but Fever's End is really a great album.

At the beginning, I didn't see much in Bad. But after listening to it a few times, I found it really addictive, especially the beginning hehe :)

The lyrics are really emotional. The translation for the pre-chorus goes like this:

Lucid hearts are defective products of this world. That’s why I badly want to taint mine.
They tell me that if you love, you start to take after each other; maybe I want to take after you a bit.
Atrocious. Love is atrocious.
You were the very reason I breathe for, but now you’re suffocating me.

Yeah I know.. it's a tad dark. But it is just so addictive!

I fell in love with Tomorrow as soon as I first heard it. Taeyang's solo at the beginning is just beautiful.

I find the cars a bit uhh, random. It's like the same set for Big Bang's Love Song, but in colour haha..
Since when did Taeyang colour his mohawk BLONDE?? O.O

Which do you like more?

I initially liked Tomorrow more, but then I discovered that Bad is just so damn addictive. Yepp this battle is won by Bad!

~Hm Hm Volume up
The moment you've all been waiting for
Attention everybody in this corner from the Cube
Ha ha show me~

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Confessions on Super Junior's Super Show 4

You call it a world tour, yet you miss Australia? O.o

I am furious. After making the mistake of my life by not going to the Kpop Music Fest in Sydney for the sake of studying, Super Show 4 is not coming to Oz. Can life get any worse?

So what did I miss? Not much, just a 4 hour concert WITH THE HOTTEST MEN ON EARTH! ASDFJKLADFJKLASDFJKL -faints-


Oh God they look so awesome! A-cha cha cha cha chaaaa!!
Even Henry and Zhou Mi performed! I'm so full of regret..

~Cause I can't stop thinking 'bout you girl~

Confessions on Infinite's Dongwoo

This isn't really a confession, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPPA! ;D

Dongwoo is on the top half of my Infinite biases. If Infinite were my family, he would be the uber cool big brother that is just adorkable!

When I first got into Infinite, I honestly thought they were all clones of each other except Dongwoo (red hair) LOL

I just love him to bits. His massive smile, his awkward laugh, his awesome rapping.. AHH he is just daebak! (besides his Nothing's Over hair -shiver-)

The mushroom hair is just so wrong, in so many different levels.

But really, I love him because no one else in the music industry looks like him. And he is just so down-to-earth!

I have totally raped the replay button with this video:

Oppa Rapping:

Oppa looking sexy:

Oppa with aegyo:

Oppa cross-dressing:

Now we got that out of the system,
Infinite FTW!

~Don't lose your temper so so so quickly~

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Confessions on LED Apple

I have a secret love for LED Apple. They are severely underrated. Like SERIOUSLY.

My confession: It makes me angry when people say that they have potential to beat bands like CNBLUE or FT Island. Is it fair to love all three of them?

These boys have recently released their second single album CODA and have preformed on various music programs with their latest hit Boy Meets Girl or Someone Met by Chance. Check it out now:

I am soo in love with this song, it's the only thing that my ears have listened to all day!

I love their new image and Nam Gyuri in this MV! She is soo pretty.. Even being a uhh, robot..? Yeah anyway I don't really understand the story, especially when the teaser lasted for 10 minutes! I fell into an even deeper love for Kwangyeon after this song (the blonde guy who plays bass) and he is also the main character for this story.

I love the whole automatic and cyber feel of the MV. It's really well made, even if it does look a bit Tron-ish. This reminds me of the Japanese drama Zettai Kereshi where the girl has a robot boyfriend lol, but vice-versa. What is also incredible are the digital guitars that they use! OMO they look so coooool :D

I first fell in love with them after Who Do You Think You Are (How Dare You). I mean, they dance AND the play instruments?! If only CNBLUE or FT Island could do that..

I hope they get more recognition in the future. LED Apple Fighting! :)

~ Take Take Take my hands
uh uh, Grab Grab Grab my hands
Ye-Ye-Yes we can fly to the sky ha ha
I will take you there baby

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Confessions on AA (Double A)'s So Crazy

Another rookie group that debuted recently, however these boys seem to be full of potential and charisma.

Earlier this month, five membered group AA (Double A) debuted on Music Shows with their hit So Crazy. Heaps of people are calling them 'feminine' for their infamous body roll and grinding used in their chorus, but they have had a lot of support from fans for their unique image and addictive beat.

What do you think of this new group?

The MV has similar feelings to MBLAQ's Stay. Top comments say that they resemble You're Beautiful members LOL But for a debut song, these boys have done well.

Aoora looks like SHINee's Jonghyun right?
And then Woosang has some TOP/Taekyung vibes..
Kimchi is the blonde guy who really resembles Jeremy from YB haha
JooWoon looks like B2ST's Dongwoon. I don't know why but he just does!
Lastly, Ho-Ik is a bit like a cross between SuJu's Kyuhyun and 2AM's Seulong.

I would just really love to get a pair of scissors and fix their hair! It is just heartbreaking..

Oh and Kimchi's name is tad.. yeah I think it's obvious

Apparently Leader Aoora composed this song! I want more from them now :)
From their debut, I think my bias is Aoora. I like his opening for So Crazy and his vocals are amazing! I hope they do well and come back again with another single :)

~Paksoo Paksoo~

Confessions on RaNia's Dr Feel Good

I feel a tad wierd now that I'm making a post about RaNia. Those costumes are just a little.. revealing. Not even that, its just too provocative!

RaNia debuted earlier in 2011 with their title track DR FEEL GOOD. I have them to thank for having arguably the raunchiest song, dance and MV.

I can't believe their maknae is just 17. WTH?

It's even worse when they perform it live. I mean, what are people thinking? The outfits are like, I don't even know what you call it. It's just extreme.

There is just too much grinding, hip thrusting etc. All innocence is lost once you watch this MV O.O

This is comparable to Brown Eyed Girl's Abracadabra or SNSD's Run Devil Run. But neither of them have the same sex appeal as Dr Feel Good. People say its too 'dirty' for Korea and it's more suitable for the American music industry. I think its just too 'dirty' for the world..

These girls are also expected to come back next month with their up coming track Time To Rock Da Show. Only the teaser has been released, but the song looks promising for a catchy beat.

~I think I'm ugly and nobody wants to love me~

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Confessions on T-ara's Cry Cry

This album is truly DAEBAK! A brand new image from their Roly Poly era.

01. Cry Cry
02. Goodbye, OK
03. O My God
04. I’m so bad
05. Cry Cry (Ballad Ver.)
06. Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Ver.)

Obviously there title track for their fourth album is Cry Cry. What shocked everyone was the MV that went on for 16 minutes!

Firstly, before I say any more, I really don't get it. I mean, the song is superb and so is the concept for the MV, but it really lacked something. The only girls that were featured were Jiyeon and Hyomin and although they did really well for this music drama, I wanted more from T-ara. Hopefully they will do just as well or even better for their next comeback Lovey Dovey which is set for next month.

Overall, the MV is really powerful and just uber epic. Completely new and refreshing when compared to Roly Poly. Remember the 12 minute MV?


haha Engrish~ AND THEN there was Roly Poly in Copacabana O.o

Wow T-ara has changed from their Bo-Peep days...

I'm really pumped for their next comeback! I'd love to hear them perform Cry Cry live :)
T-ara Fighting!

~I can't take my breath breath breath~

Confessions on the Sydney Kpop Music Fest pt 3

Indulging myself with photos and fancams :D

But nothing could be as good as going..

Actually, what COULD compare with the Sydney fest would be my special lineup for Melbourne :) :

  • Big Bang
  • 2NE1
  • Infinite
  • Teen Top
  • Super Junior
  • FT Island
  • U-Kiss
  • f(x)
  • T-ara
  • B1A4
  • 2PM
  • After School

 Haha I should just keep dreaming.. For the whole weekend, I've been going through my live concert collection to compensate -sigh-

Right now I'm just crying to MBLAQ's Cry because I am that epic.. Time is too slow for me baby XD

~Hey, stay, love is all over, try to back it out
Still can't believe that you're gone

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Confessions on the Sydney Kpop Music Fest Pt 2


“There are here!!!!”
Cr: SBS PopAsia
It's all over. Heck that was the most depressing 3 hours of my life, missing my chance in seeing the stars of Korea T.T

Okay I am seriously dramatising it. But I am heavily depressed and saddened by it all. I was totally heartaching for the whole concert, from 7 till 10 while Kara, TVXQ, B2ST, CNBLUE, SHINee, 4minute, MBLAQ and so many other groups performed.

Oh well. Now it's over, I should be studying for my exams :(

I so wanted to see TVXQ perform Keep Your Head Down, and MBLAQ doing Mona Lisa! And dance to Kara's Step.. and then scream to SHINee's Ring Ding Dong!

Gah, and there where so many empty seats! Next time we should have an Australian tour. Everytime a group says they would do a World Tour, Australia is ALWAYS ignored!

~Time will tell to my love~