Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Confessions on Super Junior's Leeteuk

Wow this guy is everywhere. Literally.

I was following Hello Baby with Sistar and then the news that Teukkie would be doing We Got Married with Kang Sora. WTH?? He has 4 WIVES. WHY DOES HE NEED ANOTHER?!!

I'm so angry. I sorta like Sistar. PUSH PUSH BABY P-P-P-PUSH BABY.. awks. Favourite is Hyorin after Immortal Song 2 :)

Isn't this like, bigamy? What is the rest of Super Junior doing? I was really hoping for Eunhyuk or Donghae. Leeteuk is really busy now with these two shows, Kiss the Radio, the past promotions with the 5th album, Mr Simple, Japanese Mr Simple, A-Cha, Star King.. Wow when does he sleep?

I kinda love and hate SM for this album cover. The only member that truly pulled it off was probably Kyuhyun. Maybe Heechul, but Kyu won it for me. Everyone else just looked insane. I mean, what DID they do to poor Eunhyuk's hair?! I'm used to it now, but deep inside I'm still raging..

~Blow Your Mind, bwara Mr Simple!~

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