Saturday, 12 November 2011

Confessions on Wonder Girls' Be My Baby

Wonder Girls are back with a brand new concept and tune. Does this remind people of Beyonce's Single Ladies? But these girls have got style. Sohee Fighting!

01. G.N.O.
02. Be My Baby
03. Girls Girls
04. Me, in
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Stop!
07. Dear. Boy
08. 두고두고
09. SuperB
10. Act Cool (ft. San E)
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. Nu Shoes

Truthfully, it wasn't as satisfying as Nobody or 2 Different Tears. But it is a great song compared to some that are being performed on Music Bank right now. I hope they do well performing this live. I love the dance that goes with this song!

The teaser shots made me jump. OMO Yubin's hair :O

The intro is just amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Does anyone else find that bit of Sohee's hair REALLY distracting?

~ So I Hate You...
So I Love You...
So I Hate You...
So I Love You... ~

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