Monday, 27 February 2012

Confessions on Co-Ed School / SPEED / 5dolls


With the debut release of SPEED, it seems as though Co-Ed School has officially parted...

I really love Co-Ed School: it was an excellent idea to collaborate boys and girls, however it was clear that the girls got more lines and screen time than the boys. Seperately, I don't like either of SPEED or 5dolls. CO-Ed bias is Choi Sungmin > this kid is the cutest thing on earth!

SPEED - Lovey Dovey

Whoever thought of remaking Lovey Dovey was stupid.
Firstly, T-ara promoted it like two weeks before SPEED. It was as though their company couldn't be bothered producing another song and chose to recycle Lovey Dovey which was already a horrible song.

Secondly, WTF the video clip was like 90% Hwayoung and 10% SPEED.  

I was seriously hyped about their debut. I loved the guys of Co-Ed, but this was really a let down. Furthermore, they only performed for less than a month. They spent so long preparing for their stage comeback and the result was truly disappointing.

5dolls - Like This or That

I actually REALLY liked 5dolls. I mean, Like This Like That didn't have such a nice MV, but the song is decent. I was impressed by their first mini album Charming Five Girls in that it sounded a bit like Secret. Compared to other female debut groups, 5dolls had a good start but I miss the old Co-Ed School.

Co-Ed School - Too Late / Bbiribbom Bberibbom

These are some of my favourite songs. Co-Ed is quite infamous for having really strange or inappropriate dances but Too Late and Bbiribbom Bberibbom are excellently composed with a nice mixture of voices from the guys and girls. I prefer Bbiribbom Bberibbom as I find the song a little bit easier to listen to. I also adore the concepts for both tracks.

 Listening to: After School - Rambling Girls

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