Saturday, 4 February 2012

Confessions on the Wonder Girls at the Apollo

I have a sneaky suspicion that the Wonder Girls will soon take over the world...

FOR SHIZZLE this movie is cheesy! Complete with bitch fights, romance and lots of Engrish moments. It's great entertainment :)

It's not the greatest movie on this earth. However their English was better than expected, especially Yeeun and Hyerim. OMO Sohee so cute! I thought that there were some parts where JYP stole the show, but they all called him JY which felt wierd because my head would just scream 'P' at the end.

I loved how they managed to perform Nobody, Be My Baby and DJ is Mine throughout the film. The Wonder Girls will soon release their first full length English album but in the meantime, will continue to promote in the US.

In other news, SNSD also made their US debut on the Letterman Show, performing The Boys and was interviewed in English. Check out their performance below:

Listening to: CN Blue - Love

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