Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Confessions on EXO's What is Love

After shit loads of teasers, SM finally released their new 12 membered group EXO...

Korean Version:

Chinese Version:

When I first heard this song I was like:

Calm your farm people... this is NOT their debut song! Or else I would flip shit and rage too...
Haha everyone should just treat it as another teaser. I mean, only two members sing this entire song!

Everyone is saying that it sounds just like TVXQ's Before You Go or SM the Ballad's Hot Times. I think a lot of people are disappointed that Jino didn't end up being a part of EXO despite displaying incredible vocals in SM the Ballad. But I really hope EXO won't become a second generation Super Junior, that would be too sad... or a replacement for the old TVXQ/DBSK.


On another note, isn't that the same room as FT Island's Like Birds and Boyfriend's Don't Touch My Girl? and the room that they dance in was from SuJu's It's You!

I really cannot be bothered memorising so many names and faces. All I know is Kai because he was in like ALL the teasers! But yeah I think they all look the same :)

I know all the Warriors (B.A.P fans) are hating EXO at the moment haha Truthfully I don't know whether to love them or not. I listen to their song for 2 seconds and I'm thinking WTF is this? But then I start to like it. And then I imagine Yunho and Changmin dancing. Then I remember it's a completely different group... So I don't really know. YES their vocals are eargasmic, but I think many people are disappointed that it's started off as a ballad rather than a dance track or something similar to EXO's teasers.

I guess we have to wait a bit longer before SM reveals what EXO is really made off. In the mean time, I think we all have to enjoy more spoonfuls of teasers...

Listening to: IU - Good Day

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