Thursday, 9 February 2012

Confessions on LED Apple's Time is Up


I love this song like... nah it's indescribable.



PAHAHAHA okay as you might know, I really REALLY love LED Apple. Bias change regularly. But OMG Their music is wonderful..

I absolutely love the visual effects in this MV. This song actually bares great resemblance to their previous song Someone Met By Chance in that it has a similar 'rock' essence and drum beat. But it is nonetheless the most ADDICTIVE song in my playlist. The chorus also sounds similar to 3OH!3's My First Kiss, but I'm not too bothered by it. It's not an original song but I am still proud of them now they've made their comeback.


I'm also a little frustrated with Kyumin's hair. I mean, LOOK at it! It's RED. He looks like ELMO. Why do idols change hair colour every month?

Anywho I leave with you photos promoting their new single album TIME IS UP.

Listening to: 2AM - I Love You

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