Sunday, 19 February 2012

Confesions on Wei Chen's (魏晨) Daybreak Album


I really liked Wei Chen before his transformation for his newest album Daybreak.
I mean he was cute and all in his dramas..



And now he looks like this:

Blonde and all it's just... overwhelming >.<

Following our weekly Chinese album review, this week it is Chinese artist Wei Chen and his 2011 album titled Daybreak. I seriously, whole heartedly love this album to bits. Some songs sound typically K-Pop, but the mix of soft ballads and up-beat doof doof sounds is brilliant. The song that really made me love this album is Po Xiao or Daybreak:

Sounds really K-Pop, right? Love it.

The second song off the album, Goodbye Goodbye, is a Chinese remake of Wheesung's original.
This song really exhibits Wei Chen's vocal range. The rapping in the bridge is also done by himself. I love the piano intro and outro, really beautiful with this melody.

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Thunder also feature in this album which totally makes my heart melt. I remembered Wei Chen performed live on Korean music shows with them but only for a special stage which was surprising for a Chinese artist.

Notable mentions go to Future, Moonlight (Yueguang) and Party like a Rock Star. It is one of my favourite C-Pop albums. I really hope Wei Chen would do more collaborations and perhaps one day invade the K-Pop industry.

Listening to: Se7en - When I Can't Sing

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