Thursday, 15 March 2012

Confessions on 2NE1's Scream

Scream, AA-AA-AA-A A-A-AAH!

2NE1 are back in Japan promoting their new single titled Scream! It is an upbeat dance track that exhibits their individual talents and own concepts.

I was so hyped about this track. After watching the stupidly long teaser, I was hooked. I love how YG allow their artists to dance in more than 2 rooms unlike SM...

ANYWHO this song is absolutely fantastic! CL is just gorgeous in every scene. What I am quite stunned about is how Dara is stylised. I mean, everyone looks fabulous, but she honestly gets the worst costume and hair. In addition to that, Bom's face is looking a little plastic to me.. I'm quite disappointed now that she is back to sporting red hair.

2NE1 Releases Short Ver. MV of "SCREAM"


Listening to: AA - Because I'm Crazy

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