Saturday, 10 March 2012

Confessions on Big Bang's Alive Mini-album


  1. Alive (Intro)
  2. Blue
  3. Love Dust
  4. Bad Boy
  5. Ain’t No Fun
  6. Fantastic Baby
  7. Wings (Daesung Solo)
  8. Blue (Instrumental)
  9. Fantastic Baby (Instrumental)

Truthfully, being the old cynical me, Big Bang's 4th Mini Album impressed me more. Yes I love this album, but after their recent events, I can feel their music is drifting into more dark and sad tones. Blue is undoubtedly an amazing song, but this MV put me off completely. I waited all night to watch this and I was disappointed to see practically a tourism video for NY with Big Bang trolling around with wierd hair. And yes, let me rant about their hair... WTF IS GOING ON.

Individually, I'll tackle GD first because it is just shocking. I mean LOOK at him!

I don't really mind the rest, I mean Taeyang hasn't changed in years; I expected TOP to go few with a few more colours of the rainbow... but seriously, his hair looks like play-doh. Seungri reminds me of Minho Hello Era... You know, the ugly half fringe short cut thing? but oh lord Daesung looks incredible, right? :D

Favourite song and MV HAS to be ... WOW. Fantastic baby!

I just love it to bits. I have a theory that because BB won MV of the year with Love Song, they are trying to recreate that same atmosphere and setting, but really, I miss their uber-awesome-high-production stuff LIKE what YG is giving 2NE1 at the moment.

Big Bang is already topping the charts in Asia and has already won on Music Bank, which poses as a threat to every group out there that's set to debut this month or is performing at this moment. In a way, I find Big Bang ultimately overrated, but I will still support them with this new album.

Big Bang fighting!

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