Monday, 19 March 2012

Confessions on NU'EST

Finally, the Pledis Boys finally debuted!


01. Nu, Establish, Style, Tempo
02. Face
03. I'm Sorry

I actually really like Nu'est which is a bit strange because I don't usually like that kind of electronic music. Firstly, let me just say WTF lyricist - your English is beyond fail. Literally.

Let me put the rap lyrics to face to your attention:

This is a story about a dwarf and giant
But it`s gonna end just like David and Goliath
Keep up with my pace, if you can
Don’t lag Wil E.Coyote cuz I’m Road Runner, fast!

Okay what in the freak is that supposed to mean?!

One thing that I love about this single album is the intro = GOD DAMN BRILLIANCE.
I'm Sorry is a really beautifully composed song that balances out with all the doof doof sounds which is a nice contrast. Somehow, Nu'est reminds me of Double A in their image and similar music styles. I also pisses me off how they are dubbed as the male After School which is just... no.

One thing that has shocked netizens is the appearance of member Ren. See what they see?


I have no idea HOW he is a guy, but he is serious prettier than me. It's really scary O.O
When I first saw photos of him I was like, WOW this is different; 4 guys and a girl! Very VERY wrong..

 I found this quite funny; it is from an interview a few days before they debuted:
On the 5th of March Ren commented, "it was when I went to the public toilet at a substation, and boys who were coming in thought they entered the wrong toilet room."
He continued and said "at that time, my hair was already Dyed like now and people who saw me inside the toilet room hurriedly went back out to double check if the sign and room they were in is correct, after that they come back again with cleared look that it is the men's toilet and that i'm a boy"
Anyway, I leave you finally with the concept photos for Nu'est's Face Single!

Listening to: SHINee - Stranger

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