Thursday, 22 March 2012

Confessions on my K-Pop Life Episode 17

Running out of episodes...

So to substitute, I reveal my gallery of sexy photos of sexy men :)

The other day, my friend asked me to post my favourite pictures of a list of celebrities, so here we go!
Sexiest photo of:


Xiah Junsu


Yoon Shi Yoon




Kim Kibum

Yeah.. I got a bit carried away with the 2Min .. >.>
Who else loves Sherlock?!! Will post in the next few days, please look forward to it :D

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Confessions on NU'EST

Finally, the Pledis Boys finally debuted!


01. Nu, Establish, Style, Tempo
02. Face
03. I'm Sorry

I actually really like Nu'est which is a bit strange because I don't usually like that kind of electronic music. Firstly, let me just say WTF lyricist - your English is beyond fail. Literally.

Let me put the rap lyrics to face to your attention:

This is a story about a dwarf and giant
But it`s gonna end just like David and Goliath
Keep up with my pace, if you can
Don’t lag Wil E.Coyote cuz I’m Road Runner, fast!

Okay what in the freak is that supposed to mean?!

One thing that I love about this single album is the intro = GOD DAMN BRILLIANCE.
I'm Sorry is a really beautifully composed song that balances out with all the doof doof sounds which is a nice contrast. Somehow, Nu'est reminds me of Double A in their image and similar music styles. I also pisses me off how they are dubbed as the male After School which is just... no.

One thing that has shocked netizens is the appearance of member Ren. See what they see?


I have no idea HOW he is a guy, but he is serious prettier than me. It's really scary O.O
When I first saw photos of him I was like, WOW this is different; 4 guys and a girl! Very VERY wrong..

 I found this quite funny; it is from an interview a few days before they debuted:
On the 5th of March Ren commented, "it was when I went to the public toilet at a substation, and boys who were coming in thought they entered the wrong toilet room."
He continued and said "at that time, my hair was already Dyed like now and people who saw me inside the toilet room hurriedly went back out to double check if the sign and room they were in is correct, after that they come back again with cleared look that it is the men's toilet and that i'm a boy"
Anyway, I leave you finally with the concept photos for Nu'est's Face Single!

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Confessions on 2AM's I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me

They're back, as emotional as ever..


01. 내꺼였는데 (You Were Mine)
02. 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me)
03. 추억 다 지워 (Erase All Our Memories)
04. 1초만 더 (One More Second)
05. 잘 이별하기 (How To Break Up Well)
06. 사랑해 사랑해 (I Love You, I Love You)

After over a year of inactivity in Korea, these boys are back with their ballads. I really missed 2AM because they really can sing, rather than a lot of doof doof music out there now.

Firstly, I absolutely love the MV. I don't usually like slow music, but 2AM really do it for me. Often, I get really bored with ballads, but the music and the video work excellently with each other. It sort of reminds me of B2ST's Fiction, right? Anyway I like how my Jinwoonie is the main character :)

My favourite songs are the title track (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) and I Love You, I Love You. I also quite like the vocals in How To Break Up Well.

This album is pretty good, but my absolute favourite 2AM song is Jalmot Haesseo or I Was Wrong. I hope they win something - it would be a disappointing comeback if they finish promoting without any awards all probs stolen by Big Bang :(

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Confessions on my K-Pop Life Episode 16

 I love K-Pop acronyms

*Blue team wins, 50 to 7*
Friend from blue team: GG!
Me: ... Girls Generation...?

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Confessions on B1A4's Baby I'm Sorry

Dan dancing party time Let`s go!!

Tracklist:1. BABY I'M SORRY
5. 둘만 있으면 (바로 SOLO - FEAT. 민 of MISS A)
6. 웃어봐
8. 짝사랑 (산들 SOLO)
I love B1A4 more than any other rookies out there.

I want to marry Jinyoung
I want to cut CNU's hair
I want Baro to rap nonsense to me
I want Sandeul to serenade me
I want Gongchan to be nothing but cute

OK was good, Beautiful Target was awesome.. BABY I'M SORRY IS THE BOMB.

The MV was a tad disappointing, but I really miss their cute concept which they've pulled off way better than whatever Boyfriend tried to do. I really have no idea what the MV is about in conjunction with this song, I mean you're pleading Baby I'm Sorry whilst in a room, dancing, with lots of people...?

ANYWAY I love how each member has his own colour and talent in this group, just like Big Bang. Jinyoung is truly a composition monster for this beautiful track!

But now Gongchan is blonde...


And Shinwoo cut his hair... a LOT of hair...


I understand that Baby I'm Sorry is under fire for too much autotune, but the rest of the album sort of balances with Baby I'm Sorry. You've got the soft, mellow songs like This Time Is Over, Sandeul's solo piece and the unplugged version of Wonderful Tonight, as well as brilliant upbeat tracks like So Fine, Supersonic and Feeling. I really enjoyed this album in that it's fun to listen to and all the songs are quite colourful and well composed. Favourite songs are So Fine and Wonderful Tonight :)


I hope they win something. I swear, someone has to stop Big Bang from winning EVERYTHING!

Listening to: B2ST - Lightless