Monday, 13 February 2012

Song Battle: Chocolat's I Like It vs One More Day (Same Thing to Her)

  쇼콜라디지털표지 2 1024x1024 K pop Photo : Chocolat Concept Photos for The Second (Single album)


I Like It, The First Mini-Album Tracklist:
01 I Like It (Feat. 영지)
02 하루만 더 (Same Thing To Her)
03 싫어 싫어 (World Domination)
04 너만을 보고 너만을 그리는 (In A Heartbeat)
05 I Like It (English Ver.)

The Second Single Album Tracklist:
01. Get Up
02. 하루만 더
03. Get Up (Inst.)
04. 하루만 더 (Inst.)
I am a big Chocolat follower; I don't know why, but there is something about them that I really like. It also annoys me that Melanie and Tia are so pretty and talented, yet they are younger than me...

I feel so bad for Chocolat for getting so much hate since their debut with Syndrome back in August 2011. I remembered there were SO many anti's for Tia who recieved the most attention in all the MVs.

Truthfully, I prefer I Like It to Same Thing To Her and Syndrome. Although it didn't come with an MV, it showed a mature side to Chocolat without being too over-the-top sexual (Same Thing To Her) or with all the bright off-putting fluro pink (Syndrome).

Same Thing To Her features Sung Hyo Ram from X-Cross. I find the MV uber creepy, especially the clowns O.O Everyone needs to get it straight that Tia is the visual for the group and the main dancer which explains all her screen time. Melanie in my opinion has the best vocals, but it's sad that all the bi-racial members get more attention than the Korean members.

Anyway this is the the 3rd song that Chocolat is promoting since their debut 6 months ago. It seems that they are ALWAYS performing on Music Shows which is a bit odd, but their comebacks are really quick.

Chocolat Fighting!

chocolat profile K pop Photo : Chocolat Concept Photos for The Second (Single album)

Listening to: B2ST - The Fact

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