Friday, 24 February 2012

Confessions on me K-Pop Life Episode 13

Please tell me that these episodes happen to other people...

I was in maths class yesterday and figured it's now my favourite class. Reason: WE ARE EFFING DRAWING INFINITE SIGNS AND GRAPHING WITH F(X)!

The wierd thing is that while I squeal my heart out, everyone just sits there are stares like I'm some mental patient... These things will only happen to K-Poppers!

But I also had this as an answer and it made me a very happy Hottest:

Am I a miserable, pitiful human being or what? bahaha

And THIS happened too!
Just casually reading and screamed...



These are just sad events of my life... you can relate, right??

Listening to: Teen Top - The Back of My Hand Touches Against

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